Pittsburgh…you asked for it, so here it is…all the Terry Smith stuff you wanted to know…and then some!


:10 I am not here to say the Gateway School Board is racist, or for that matter prejudiced.  I don’t know this so I can’t say. (Plus I don’t want me or the paper to be sued…I was born at night but not last night.)  But as the saying goes, “if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck .. then … Quack, Quack!!”

:09 Everybody reading this knows I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am sharp enough to know this. Chuck Sanders…true to form offered to pay the salary for Coach Smith and the Board turned it down. Now we are to understand that there are major budget concerns…yet they turned it down…tell ya what!  You let Chuck Sanders offer me $150,000, you know it…“Gone in 60 seconds” you’ll be like…hey anybody seen Bill Neal?  Man we ain’t seen Neal in 20 years. Last time we saw him he snatched a check out of Chuck Sanders’ hand and as he was going over the hill we could hear him say “Baby I ain’t never coming home!!!”

:08 People of Monroeville, Gateway School District and the surrounding area, you should be proud of yourselves. You showed up 1,000 voices strong, you conducted yourselves very well and you delivered the message loud and clear…“This ain’t over till we say it’s over!!!”

:07 Hey how about the strength in that auditorium…Chuck Sanders, Mega Entrepreneur; Bishop Donald Clay; Defense Attorney Milton Raiford; Skip Bonner, Retired Detective; Jennifer Bruce, University of Pittsburgh All-American; Eddie Edwards Sr., Media Tycoon; Eddie Edwards Jr., Attorney & Agent; the current Gateway football team; past players who now represent Pitt, Princeton, IUP, Duquesne and others; parents; coaches; media including Channel 2, 4 and 11 and the New Pittsburgh Courier; NAACP reps; and most important The People! And you weren’t there…Man that’s messed up!

:06 You know that line from the movie Malcolm X when Denzel had the brothers lined up outside the police station and he pointed his finger and they all stepped.

And the police captain said “that’s too much power for one man to have”!?!?… Coach Smith you got the people…you got the power!

:05 Here’s what I don’t get. He’s a Monroeville guy, Hall of Fame Gateway football star, Penn State University football star, WPIAL & State Champion coach, coached on the National All-Star Level, sent numerous players on to college and the pros, husband, father, family man, mentor, legend, no negative behavior at all…none…nada, but you want to get rid of this guy…C’mon Man!!!

:04 And oh yeah, and this a good one. The football stadium has been sold out for every home game the last ten years. And I could be wrong on this but my guess would be the football program brings in more money than all the other programs together.  I Am Just Saying!

:03 Monroeville…If you want to change that school board, you’re going to have to change the school board. You know what I am sayin?  Elections are coming.  That’s when you make the change.  If not, the next time it could be your job on the line!

:02 I don’t have the facts on this, y’all know I don’t always have the facts but we won’t let that get in the way of the truth. But Coach Smith has a higher winning percentage than 95 percent of his coaching counterparts but is far below them on the pay scale…there goes that duck again…Quack, Quack!!

:01 Now listen and listen good…ballers know ballers…I am a Penn Hills Indian Hall of Fame Footballer born and bred, through and through. So if I am on board with a Gator you know I am serious mmmaaannn!!!  This Ladies and Gentlemen is a call to action and this ain’t over.  You will get the call again… be ready to answer the call !!!


:00 Timyka Artist…you are FFFiiinnneee!  Oh my bad, I probably should have kept that to myself huh?  Well while I am talking out loud I should tell you I am in love with Rikki!  Never mind Rikki who. They know who they are, they were both there.


:00 At The Buzzer–Enter­tain­ment Note:

The next Par-Tay coming at ya Friday—July 27—Live Music—Dancin’—Eatin’—  Drinkin’ the way it’s meant to be at 3 Lakes Golf Club in Penn Hills—Mark it Down—8 p.m. till 1 a.m. —Cash Bar—Cash Kit­chen—50/50—The United Rays Corvette Club and presenting The New Allure Models.

~  Game Not Over ~

Game just getting started !!

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