The trendsetting, highly-acclaimed veteran entertainer widely considered as one of America’s the top comedic female entertainers, the Queen of Comedy is coming to Pittsburgh.


“I call myself a comedian because I love the art of stand-up comedy,” Sommore said. “I saw someone do stand-up comedy years ago and I was intrigued with it. After that I said to myself that in my wildest dreams, if I could do anything in life, it would be a standup comedian. I tried it and it worked out for me. I am such a fan of the art and I love different styles of comedy. I love comedians that tell one liners, quick witted and others that tell stories. I also love people that are very animated with their stand-up, but the comedian who I totally dig her style is Joan Rivers. I will do stand up forever.”

Diverse City 365, WAMO 100.1 FM, Savoy Restaurant, Money Motivated Entertainment and R.A.W. Entertainment will present “Sommore the Queen of Comedy and Friends” at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland July 20. Doors opens at 8 p.m. and the show will start at 9 p.m. The friends who are coming with Sommore are comedians Smokey and Rob Stapleton.

With a winning combination of class and sass, Sommore offers audiences a hilarious, yet piercing look at today’s issues from a woman’s perspective.

She considers herself a comedian with some experiencing in acting, but she love being a comedian.

“There is a movie called “Dirty Laundry” where I played a serious role, but for the most part I am not a fan of acting, but I will do it. I can do drama and comedy, but I prefer to do stand-up,” said Sommore.

Even though her stand-up is a bit raw, she is completely different off the stage. However, she has an open personality in real life but she is not as verbal when she’s not working. She’s a bit low key and does not curse when she is not working.

“I welcome people who are comedians, especially female comedians. I love to see other female comedians try it,” she said. “In order to get into this business, I recommend finding your own nitch. Find out what is unique about you and offer that to the world.

“I love Pittsburgh and I’ve been coming here for over seven years. It’s one of those quiet hidden away towns, but y’all do get live. When I come to Pittsburgh, you can expect nothing but raw funniness. I’ve been traveling on the Royal Comedy Tour for the last three years, so you will get a well groomed funny machine. I can’t wait to tell some jokes in Pittsburgh.”

Some people may have known Sommore and Nia Long are half-sisters. The relationship is based on their father but, the two entertainers have different mothers. Sommore would like to work with her on a project someday and they both have respect for each other’s crafts.

“She is an actress and I am a comedian, but I would like to work with her on a project because I think that would be awesome. I love to act but it’s nothing I would pursue. If someone came to me and wanted me in their movie, I might do it, but I would never audition for a movie role because that is not my passion. Being an actor is a tough business to be in because there are actresses who aren’t even acting, so I stay in my arena and do what I do,” she said.

Being one of the “Original Queens of Comedy” is quite an honor and it is something that she does not take lightly. She would welcome another tour with the “Original Queens of Comedy,” but she does not think they would film it this time around. She feels they would be compared to the first one, which was monumental, so it is good to just leave well enough alone.

At the end of the day she wants everyone to know that she is funny, fly and she will always keep it real.

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