To Pittsburgh City Council and Alle­gheny County Council:
The headline, as you may recognize, is a take off on those giants of Wall Street—too powerful to fail.

I am an American, capitalist, Christian, pro-police and a proud Black man more than 80 years of age who has voted in each and every election since 1954. There was a period of time that I was employed as an investigator for the City of Pittsburgh in the OPR (now OMI).


In that capacity, I questioned the long-term effectiveness of the physiological exam. Often those whom I thought would pass would fail and those I thought would fail would pass. However, since the physiological is an integral part of a person qualifying for the police academy, it’s my belief that it should be administered twice. The second exam should be administered 18 months after the police officer graduates from the police academy.

Why? That person that passed upon entering the police academy is not the same person 18 months later.

A police officer is the most powerful person you will ever encounter. They have the power to abuse you verbally and physically, arrest, incarcerate and kill with impunity.

My concern has been greatly heightened ever since Allegheny County district attorney absolutely refused to prosecute those three strapping White police officers, who arrested the young 145-pound Black honor student Jordan Miles.

The action was so atrocious that it was reminiscent of the actions of those animals against Blacks in South Africa.

It has been triply troubling because, excluding Black-elected officials Councilmen Bill Robinson, Ricky Burgess and R. Daniel Lavelle, you have been absolutely mute.

This is not a Black and White issue, but right and wrong.

In August 2010, my column in the New Pittsburgh Courier predicted that Allegheny County nor the Federal government would pursue this tragic situation, because in my experience, the higher you go in law enforcement the Whiter it gets and you chances are less and less of receiving justice.

The lack of Black people being hired as police by the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and the federal government is deplorable. It is a puzzling situation that a Black man can be president but not a police officer.

Kingsley Association needs your financial assistance.

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