:10 Neal…Neal…Hey Bill Neal! What Man!! You’re wanted on the phone. Can’t talk now I am busy, tell’ um I’ll call’ um back later. Naw man you better get this now it sounds real important. Look man I don’t care who it is, I am busy. Ok. but he says his name is Judge… Judge who? Wait hold on… says he’s Judge Dwayne Woodruff, used to play for the Steelers!!! Oops, my bad…hello Your Honor, Bill Neal at your service. Oh that, well what I meant was Serena could stand to drop a few lb’s that’s all. Yeah, I know she’s won Wimbledon “5 Times” and Doubles “5 Times” too but don’t you think she would be even greater if she was a little smaller? Ok, ok, ok, tell your wife Joy and all her friends at the Salon I take it back. Oh, and for “Sweetie” and Marsha, Carla, Bev, Kathy, Janet, Karen and the other “99” people that called to give me “What for” I am sorry I said it. And I take it back…(but at least let me ask just one question. Has anybody seen Serena Williams and LeBron James in the same place at the same time ???—I’m just saying!)


:09 The 4th of July has come and gone, summer is in full effect, the sound of the Temptations and the greatest R & B singer of all time…David Ruffin…screaming “Ain’t to Proud to Beg” takes you back to a better time of care free living. And to top it off the home run derby and baseball All-Star game are here. Play ball!!!

:08 So you think Steve Nash won’t be the difference with the Lakers? Just wait, just wait! And heaven help you all if Dwight Howard has the smarts to come to Showtime c’mon man!

:07 Your Pittsburgh Steelers go to camp in about 4 weeks…let’s get it on!

:06 Mighty funny nothing else has been said about Lance Armstrong and his alleged steroid use. Told ya!!

:05 Don’t look now Pittsburgh but you have a real baseball team again. Your Pirates are “11” games over 500 at the All-Star break; And Andrew McCutchen is the best player in baseball. All that said you still won’t go to a game…now that’s messed up!

:04 The greatly anticipated “The Dream Team” premiered on NBA TV last week. The the scenes and on the court story of the USA Olympic Basketball Team. AKA the greatest team ever assembled. The moment in time stood up to be sure but the 90 minute documentary fell short. Not enough Jordan, not enough game film and clearly not enough behind the scene…if you know what I mean! I give it 2 1/2 basketballs.

:03 And by the way the latest Spiderman movie is the best one yet I give it 3 basketballs. C’mon you know I don’t give many 4’s. The Outlaw Josey Wales, The Magnificent Seven, American Gangster…only a few! And yes you did go see Spiderman, stop lying…you probably went alone so your girl wouldn’t laugh at you but you know you went…it’s what guys do!

:02 “Get Ready To Get Ready” The next to the last Old School Par-Tay is coming at ya at the 3 Lakes Golf Club July 27 starring the amazing Sandy Green and Her Guys. Now you know you got there late last time and had to stand up with that sold-out crowd. Don’t let it happen again. First Come—First Seat. Doors open at 8 p.m. Showtime at 9 p.m.-1 a.m., Free Parking—Cash Bar—Cash Kitchen—50/50—The Soul Pitt Magazine & Pittsburgh Courier on hand. The Pittsburgh United Rays Cor­vette Club you know the drill…let’s do this!

:01 And #1 for a reason…you know that old saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire?” I can clearly say to everyone in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County there’s a forest fire burning in Monroeville at Gateway High School. Terry Smith the former High School Hall of Famer, Penn State Star, potential NFL player and tremendously successful Coach at Gateway for nearly a decade continues to face unfair, unjust and unbelievable conditions from The School Board. Apparently winning WPIAL and State Titles, sending multiply players to the NFL, graduating his players at a 90 percent plus rate and completely turning the program around is not enough to escape “the mob” trying to bring him down. I can’t say much more or “the mob” may come after me. But I promise you this I – will – keep – you – posted!!! In the meantime you Gator people…you of color most especially, better get a clue and get behind Coach Smith to fight this backstabbing public assault. Remember it can happen to you!!!

~ Game Over ~

Not really I’ll be back with more on the Terry Smith situation. Y’all know me…“I Like This Kind of Party”


:00 It’s been one (1) year since the passing of the Late Great Armon “The Hammer” Gilliam—Rest In Peace Big Fella…and yea you can shoot the spot up “3.”

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