(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Last summer, I had a baby and my boyfriend didn’t come to the hospital to watch the birth. I was so hurt. Other women’s husbands came and some even brought flowers. They were all looking at me. I felt like crying.


Two weeks after meeting him, he moved in with me. I remember it was late October. At first I thought he was my Prince Charming. All during my pregnancy he was sweet to me—like sugar. That’s why I was upset when he didn’t come and show his love like the other men.—Jennifer

Dear Jennifer:

Get your mind out of that dream cloud. Those other men who showed up with a hug, kiss and flowers are not all in love. Let me tell you this: Men do and say what they know their wives want them to do in public. Think about it. Some of those same men are cruel once they get their wife and baby home.

Jennifer, I will agree that your boyfriend should have been there when you were giving birth. Therefore, I advise you to love your little bundle of joy and move forward with your life.

You state you met him in late October. It is now middle of summer and he left. That bum is coming back. Give thought to this: Men are like grasshoppers. They are carefree during the summer—sleeping on park benches and sleeping in boxes on the streets. But come winter, they knock on every woman’s door trying to get out of the cold.

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