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:10 Tiger is back…nuff said!

:09 You think you’ve been to a cook-out? You ain’t been to a cook-out till you’ve been to Dwight and Chandra Law’s cook-out. Man the food was so good… and there was so much of it I started to go get my cousins and bring-um back. No, don’t ask! If I tell you where they live that’s less food for me. Hey did you know Dwight Law is my oldest and dearest friend? Well you know it now. Two boys from Meldon Avenue in Donora P.A. made it to the big city. Not bad…not bad at all.


:08 Speaking of the cook-out, and I was. Good food, great friends, Daniel “The Mayor” Ellis, Vince Neal and Cal State’s finest…(yeah I know that’s a contradiction in terms, just work with me here) and to my great pleasure and delight some “Overtime” readers including my old buddy Roy Betters, another man who has the good sense and wisdom to pick Wilt Chamberlin ahead of Michael Jordan. As a result, Roy you are now “In The Locker Room.”

:07 I know, I know it’s a sports column but this stuff is important. Just hold on a minute, you’ll want to know this. The hit of the ParTay was none other than Federal Judge Reggie Walton…yeah that’s right the same Judge that just handled the Roger Clemons case, and other world class cases. Alright, Stan was there, in from Vegas and the ribs were un-be-lieve-able but they’re not more important than the Judge, who by the way is one of the brothers from Donora…C’mon Man!!!

:06 Lamar Odom has proven to all you grown men out there that if you act like a child and cry enough you can in fact get your own way. Yep, he’s going back to L.A. The Clippers that is.

:05 Now pay attention. The formula is very simple. Meet a girl…pretty or ugly as long as she’s tall…have a baby boy…develop his basketball talent…pray that he grows up to be seven feet tall…send him to the University of Kentucky for one year then sit back and watch the money come rollin’ in. That’s all it takes trust me…as a matter of fact, take it the bank!

:04 Some of you are going to jump on me for this but as you all know…I don’t care! Serena Williams, you can’t keep eatin’ whatever you want and still be No. 1 in the world, I am sorry. That’s right I said it, now shut up!!!

:03 Wanna have a really good time? Come to the Penn Hills YMCA Monday or Tuesday night and watch “The New” Connie Hawkins Youth Summer Basketball League. We’ve got 100 of the greatest and most talented middle school boys you ever want to see. And they be balling mmmaaannn!!! (Mon & Tues, three games a night at 6, 7 & 8. Only $2 to get in, free parking, great friends and a fantastic facility. Matter of fact you should join “The Y.” Yes you do…yes you do…stop it, you need to lose weight and you know it. Yes you do!!! Ok, look in the mirror then.

:02 So last Friday you decided to go somewhere else and not come see Sandy Greene, Jerry Williams and The Guys. Now that’s messed up! But that’s ok, you only missed the show of the summer. Sandy blew it up and Jerry tore it down. And by the way…standing room only sell-out!!! They’re coming back Friday, July 27. Bet you won’t miss that one. (Welcome home lifelong friend Ronnie Randolph. Just moved back from Atlanta and sat in with the band and you would have thought George Benson was in the house.) Like I said “Smokin Jim” you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me…Par-Tay on! What Club?!?!

:01 This just in. Otis Lockheart, the great city league basketball player from South High, is not dead! How do I know? Just talked to him…unless of course I am dead too!


“At The Buzzer”

:00 Champion Enterprises, The Soul Pitt and The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club proudly bring to you The Annual Summer Blast Extravaganza—The Dress White Party with A Touch of Red and—With a guest performance by “Ms. Sandra Greene”—and “D.J. Bubble Gum” coming at ya this Friday, First Friday—July 6 at 3 Lakes Golf Club—6700 Saltsburg Rd. in Penn Hills—First come first seat (no more reserved tables) them ladies was about to kill me last week. I ain’t going out like that!—Free Parking—Cash Bar—Cash Kitchen—Great Food & Great Service—50/50—Prizes and Surprises—$100 Cash Prize to the Best Dressed Couple in White with A Touch of Red—and yes boys and gals not only will the Corvette Club be there but they’ll be showcasing their cars —go to the Soul Pitt website for all the information: http://www.soulpittmedia.com/ChampionEnterprises2.html.

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