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Over the years many other Blacks and I have made excuses for the negative and detrimental actions of other Blacks. Just think of the many times you have said and heard other Blacks justify the detrimental actions of other Blacks by saying, “after all they are our brothers and sisters.” I have heard allegedly responsible Blacks justify Black drug dealers selling poison to our children by describing them as businesspersons, who just can’t get a decent paying job. They attempt to defend their actions by claiming that no Blacks own ships or airplanes to bring drugs across the borders. They may be partially right but Blacks find ways to bring drugs into our communities. If you take the blinders off you will be able to see open drug markets exist almost exclusively in the Black neighborhoods. That is the reason that you witness so many Whites coming into our neighborhoods in the middle of the day and night. They are not sightseeing!


There are some Blacks who have alleged positions of authority and attempt to not appear to be prejudiced when it involves those who look different from them, but they wind up being prejudiced toward Black employees. There are those of us who defend this reverse prejudice by saying they must protect their jobs.

A number of Black police witness unlawful actions against Black citizens, but they say absolutely nothing, because the code of blue [police] takes precedence over what is right.

Colored men and women are oft times given permission to join boards in the Black communities that in theory are to increase the opportunities to grow. However the reality is that too frequently these individuals impede the growth of those that they said they wanted to help.

There are preachers [alleged men of God] whose priority is purely self-serving, and when they are exposed there are members who state, “So what as long as they can preach.”

A vast number of Blacks have sacrificed and now have a BA, MA, PhD. Too frequently they look down on their friends, family members and in some situations their uneducated parents. Too many forget that Christ had no degree and was never addressed as Jesus, Ph.D.

There are a limited number of Black contractors and other businesses that have done well, but they forget that it was the unsung everyday persons who made it happen.

A number of Blacks now drive expensive cars and live in neighborhoods that not too long ago we could not drive through. They have forgotten the great importance of giving back and affording persons, who look like them the opportunities that someone provided for them.

I love having persons respond to my columns and I look forward to having my most severe critics publically debate me about whatever. Surprise me.

Please remember Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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