I’m not a fan of Creflo Dollar, but I don’t believe he actually choked his daughter. He may have grabbed her trying to get her attention. But I don’t believe he choked her. I heard the 911 call and she didn’t sound that upset. She sounded full of attitude, a little more of “I’m going to get you sucker” in her voice.


Girlfriend is 15 and reportedly wanted to go to a party, daddy Dollar says no and then that is when the dust up ensued. Whatever daddy says should rule, after all it is daddy’s house. From what I read momma Dollar was at home as well. What does she say happened? Why isn’t she talking? Who is running the house, the parents or the kids?

I remember way back when I was 21 and still living under my parents roof, I had purchased my first car, no co-signer, no help from my parents. I brought the car home all by myself and just knew I was going out for the evening with my friends to a party. After I got dressed and thought I was hopping in my new ride my mother promptly asked me where I was going and informed me that I was not going anywhere until I became familiar with the car. Are you kidding me? My little red VW sat in the driveway that night while I sulked in my room. No one was choked, no punches were thrown. It is what it is and it was her house her rules, even though it was my car.

I don’t know what is wrong with some of today’s kids; I’m seeing things that are too crazy. No respect for their parents, their seniors or the person who is in authority. What happened, what went wrong at the Dollar house? I hope daddy Dollar does not end up in jail, allegedly the sister was a witness as well to what really happened. Let’s all stay tuned for the results.

Another issue that has captured my attention is a commercial for Boost Mobile. Maybe you have seen it. It features a dark skinned Black man (Big Worm from the movie Friday) who is robust, bald with big bugging eyes. He calls himself the “4 Genie.” Does the phrase “crack a lacka lacka” ring a bell? The 4 Genie is sitting in a restaurant with two women and talking about the power of Boost Mobile cell phones. There was this huge outcry about the Burger King commercial with Mary J Bilge and the chicken, but nothing about this minstrel show like commercial. Why is that? Maybe because he isn’t eating chicken. Take a look at it and tell me what you think.


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