:10 It is with a heavy, heavy heart that I bring you this news. By now I am sure most of you know that we have lost yet another superstar to God’s Team. The great Darryl Gissendanner, former Clairton and University of Pittsburgh basketball star passed away last week from a sudden and massive heart attack. More to come later. But in short…“Giss”, never smoked or drank, stayed in superior condition, ran 2-5 miles a day, could dance all night long, and was the best guy in the world. This loss will be tough!!! What? Could he hoop? Let me just say this. You couldn’t think as quick as “Giss” could move and you would rather have fire ants with razor blades in your pants then have “Giss” playing defense on ya! “Giss” you are loved and will truly be missed.

:09 Now on to lesser matters. “D Wade” where is Gabrielle Union for the on court after the game championship celebration? C’mon man…Give a brother a cheap thrill.

:08 I told ya, I told ya, I told ya and if you don’t believe me or remember me telling ya just go back and read my last two columns. I told ya Tim Bradley would beat Manny Pacquiao. Call it what you want after the fact. But what’s done is done. I keep telling ya “Fighters know fighters”. “The Pac-Man” said he was robbed. Hello, everybody says that when they lose.

:07 Don’t do this for me, do it for yourself. Go to… no…run to Dorsey’s Rec­ords and get the new “Stevie Wonder’s Greatest Hits.” From “Fingertips” to “Superstition” it is fantastic. I’ve been playing it for 10 days straight. (Neil Dorsey put the check in the mail).

:06 Tiger Woods haters everywhere…just shut-up mmmaaannn!!!

:05 So you missed “Contraband” starring Mark Wahlberg. Go get it. It’s all that and more. I give it 3 basketballs.

:04 Ok, ok, one hockey team is playing another hockey team for the Stanley Cup. That’s all I got. Oh shut up that’s all you got too.

:03 Coach Anwon and the Fatherhood Outreach Program will present their Annual Father’s Day Spectacular at Mellon Park, June 17 from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. The event will feature free food for all. The home run derby and 3 on 3 tournament for middle and high school teams ($75 per team entry fee). Slam Dunk Tournament and Semi-Pro Basketball ($10 entry fee).The Pittsburgh Bullets registration begins at 8 a.m. at Mellon Park. For more information, call Coach Anwon @ 412-583-0376 or Don’t—you—dare—miss—it!

:02 In case you’ve been snoozin’ be reminded that Fred Crawford, Ernie Bey, Joyce, Lawade and “Quigley” are running the annual free tennis clinic for youth and adults every Saturday morning 9 a.m.-noon. Did you hear me…I said free. Now if you don’t take your lazy butt and your kids down to the Highland Park Tennis Courts…“well that would just be missed up!” Go to http://www.highland­park­tennisclub in Pittsburgh for more information, or call The Champions office. We play a very small part in helping the program, 412-628-4856.

:01 Ok Rayco “War” Saunders you want it you got it. The Lakers lost man, the Celtics lost man, Miami and OKC are in man!!! Now will you please get out my ear…and spend some time worrying about knockin’ somebody out…it’s been awhile, I am just saying! Oops my bad!


:00 “The party ain’t over till I say it’s over” and we’ll be going all night long… Jamaican Style Mun… we’re going back to the Island Mun with the Legendary Flow Band. June 15 at the fabulous 3 Lakes Golf Club, 6700 Saltsburg Rd. in Penn Hills. The groove gets started at 8 p.m. and goes till 1 a.m. outside on the deck, $10 donation—cash bar—cash kitchen—vendors—free parking—50/50 and D.J. Ed Steve on the steel. Call The Champions for information 412-628-4856.

~ Game Over ~

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