Our lifestyle has consisted of an assortment of tests, jobs, school, and college. The test generally required us to prepare ourselves. How did we do it? We went to the library, made on line calls to those whom we believed possessed certain knowledge, and if we knew someone who was on a particular job we were seeking, would call them.


However, it is my personal belief that the multitude of problems that threatens to devour our communities across this nation is an overwhelming factor that too many of us fail the three most important tests.

Test No. 1 Self Esteem: Truly believing that no one is better than you and you are as good as anyone. There is no need to use any substitute such as drugs or alcohol to make you feel good. You can arise in the morning, look in the mirror and get intoxicated on the mere fact that you are who you are. You truly recognize the fact that money in itself does not make you rich, because richness is a state of mind not being.

Test No. 2 Responsibility: Do you meet the responsibility of parenthood—not just financially, but in terms of quality time being spent with your children at school, church, after school events? Do you call, visit, and make time to visit your parents or grandparents? If they are in a nursing home or rehabilitation center, does your time schedule allow you to visit them? If you are active in church, masons or any other organization and the majority of members take a position that you know is wrong, do you remain silent or do you take the responsible position by speaking out in opposition? If you see your neighbor’s young children doing something that is wrong, do you take the responsible position of saying something to them or their parents? You are attending an affair and a person at your table has drank too much and is preparing to get in his car. Do you do say to another a person “he should not be driving” or do you take the responsible approach by speaking to the individual about the danger of his driving?

Test No. 3 Courage: There is a situation where a person is being bullied verbally or physically. Have you ever demonstrated courage by interceding to stop it? A conversation is taking place and a person is being mocked because of a lack of educational background, not being articulate, or he has an automobile that is not a Benz, Lincoln, BMW, Hog, etc. How do you respond? Are you silent or do you take the courageous approach by correcting those insensitive rude persons?

Have you ever been in a conversation that takes a totally negative and maybe inaccurate [lie] approach and the individuals are generally considered to be of some influence? Do you listen and say nothing or have you ever demonstrated a sense of courage by saying this conversation is petty, cruel and may not be truthful? Are you able to pass this three-part test?

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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