:10 Now see, back in my early years as an ex-jock and freshman sports writer and sports talk show host I would be talkin’ all kinds of smack about how my Champions Celebrity All-Star Basketball Team kicked The Savoy All-Star Team around the New Centre Avenue YMCA like Trai Essex lays out NFL defensive linemen…but I won’t! And if you knew me then, you knew when me and my boy Marcus Tomlin ran “The Homewood Y”, when I was drivin the blue 4-door Lincoln Continental; when I still had skills and could hold my own with the best in the city.



I would probably say something like…John Bettis and Gary White I told you to leave well enough alone…that we didn’t have to play this game…cause you can’t win—no way—no how—basketball is what we do!! But I ain’t doing that. C’mon ya’ll stop pretending…You remember when I really “thought I was the man”, when I actually believed the hype, hanging with Connie Hawkins, Kenny Durrett, Dwayne Woodruff, Norm Nixon, Dwight “The Ice Man” Clay and them guys…well back then I would have told you…you got two chances of winning. “Slim and None” and I just seen Slim heading out the back door! I tell you one thing, I am glad this is not back in the day, back when I had the best team…best uniforms…best cheerleaders …best shoe contract and all that. I am glad those days are gone and I don’t have to say those things and act like that anymore. I am glad I am a changed man and can simply say hey Savoy…great game fellas.

:09 For the rest of you trying to figure out what I am talking about here’s the facts from “The Main Event” Basketball Extravaganza held at the magnificent and brand new Thelma Lovett Centre Avenue YMCA.

• Game I—Champions All Stars 97 —Savoy All Stars 90—Led by 22 points by Ex NBA Star Myron Brown and ABA & European Star “L.B.” and local Connie Hawkins League Legend “Buck.” Tracy Foster, former Indiana Univ Star and European Pro lead all scorers going 11 for 13 from the field with 24 points and some unbelievable shots. Pittsburgh Steeler Tre Essex held down the interior while former Pitt superstar and NFL standout Rod Rutherford kept the game close. You forget Rod was damn near a better hoop star than football star. But the real stars for the game were “Amada” and The Savoy Ladies…un-be-lieve-able!!

Game II—The Pittsburgh Job Corps 86—The Pittsburgh Old Timers 80—Coach Coleman rolls on.

Game III— The Ohio Valley All-Star 107—The Pittsburgh Bullets 102 (Semi Pro Match-Up)

:08 Ms. Nancy Shaffer from the awesome North Side Community group that honored Buddy Allie and my main man “Mr. Quick-It” among others. You’re now in The Locker Room…“keep on readin”! (Man ya’ll sure know how to throw a Par-tay…I could have fed all my cousins with all the food ya’ll had.)

:07 Oh…“Willa” and her sister were at the game Saturday…that’s all I am saying…she knows!

:06 Hey, when do they put the movies in the red box? Think about it. Have you ever seen anybody put movies in the box…it’s like Santa or something. I am just sayin’!

:05 I’ve been telling you about “The Heat” but no one wanted to listen. The league has figured out how to beat them, especially “The Pacers”. #1 Do be afraid of them, #2 Attack the hole they can’t defend, # 3 Make LBJ make the tough decisions. I know they won today but I still got the Pacers…and the Celtics to win the East.

:04 I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a “Jordon”—Bulls man…man! Always have been, always will be! …C‘mon Kobe!…Please!

:03 For real, for real it looks like the Spurs will win it all. Not a bad day if our hometown hero Djuan Blair gets a ring. Joining the ranks of Connie Hawkins, Maurice Lucas…who else? Somebody help me. (412 628 4856—call me and tell me what other Pittsburghers won world titles). Yea I know Norm Nixon went to Duquesne but he’s from Georgia.

:02 They’re closing up one city league school after another, and I don’t know what to tell ya. No, seriously I don’t. And I don’t know if anyone can stop the bleeding. I hear Langley is next.

:01 The 37th Annual New Connie Hawkins Youth Development Summer Basketball League for Middle School Boys (7th, 8th & 9th Grades) starts Monday, June 18th at the Penn Hills YMCA, Mon & Tues 6:00 – 7:00 – 8:00 games. Entry fee is $500 per team includes league basketball shirt, officials cost, trophies, certificate, league lecture and clinic from former college and pro players. All teams go to the play-offs. Call now, only 3 roster spots left. (The Champions 412 628 4856).


At The Buzzer, Hhhheeerrrreee We Go:

-Jazz on the Green Friday May 25th at The 3 Lakes Golf Course, formerly Alcoma Country Club on Saltsburg Road in Penn Hills. Starring the Blues Master…“Leroy K. Wofford” limited seating first 100 come…first 100 sit.

•Recruitment for “The Diamond Models” fashion and entertainment troupe is now underway. If you think you got it…then show it! Contact Gabrielle Walker at Five Starr Corporation 412-628-4856—photo and bio required.

•The Champions last First Friday Par-Tay for the summer coming at ya Friday June 1st at the beautiful Holiday Inn, Monroeville across from the new UPMC Hospital. Starring the United Rays Corvette Club and their cars, $10 donation, limited 125 seats—vendors welcome— cash bar—“D.J. Mean Gee” The Old School Master and introducing The Fabulous Diamond Models.

•Join Five Starr and The Champions as we join “The Soul Pitt” and award winner Donna Baxter at the First Friday Affair of the year Friday July 7 at Sherwood Oaks in Forest Hills. Go to the Soul Pitt website for all the information.

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