That is the question; it’s that time of year for yard sales, garage sales and let’s not forget flea markets. What are you going to do? Do you have a sale or not?


Can you believe the words that are coming out of my mouth? I’ve gotten to a point in my life where it just may not be worth it. You have to gather the stuff, dust off the stuff, tag the stuff, run the ad, put up the signs, set up your tables and wait for the people to come. When the sale is over you should (note I say should) go back and take down your signs. Whew, that is a lot of work.

Most of the ads these days are free so your investment is minor. If you go to the flea market you have to pay for your spot and your gas to get there. You have to have money to make change with, and please don’t get to the flea market and try getting change from other vendors. That is so tacky. After the sale is all said and done you have an extra $50 in your pocket. Was it worth it? If you spent 10 hours or more organizing and selling your items you have done all of that work for about $5 an hour.

Perhaps you should consider donating the items to save yourself the stress and time of selling them. If you have clothes to sell and they are high end think about consigning them. You won’t get your money right away, but you may end up with more than you would from your garage sale. Selling them on eBay is also a good idea, again you need little technical skills, but you have to have a camera and a computer or someone who will be willing to post the items for you. If you ask someone, be prepared to pay them a portion of the profits.

I drop off a lot of things at thrift stores and I always ask for a receipt for my tax return. Make sure you itemize your donations; you will be surprised how this adds up and increases your return. Construction Junction is a good place to donate things like left over building materials and paint. They also will give you a receipt for your taxes.

When thinking about selling on line don’t forget Craigslist and Items that do not add value to your life should not be in your life. Get rid of that mess. Your home is a major investment, if you have cluttered rooms that you cannot use you are wasting precious square footage. I know a couple that has a beautiful 3-bedroom home and a two-car garage. The garage is so full of junk that they cannot put either car in the garage, both cars sit outside winter and summer. I could never understand having a garage and not being able to use it. All of the stuff in their garage has not been touched in years.

No garage sales for me this summer, I’m selling on eBay and the rest goes to the thrift store.

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