Dear Editor:

I’m writing this letter to the Editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier in response to a column on same-sex marriages. First, we must always and at all times respect and protect the rights of others. Even so, the sacred foundation of marriage must be protected from abuse, be it political or prejudice. President Barack Obama’s declaration in support of gay relationships must be approached and documented as a common law interest, whereas to be called “CLAC” “Common Law Agreement Certificate” between two people committed in a same-sex relationship, therefore giving them legal rights as a united couple. But it cannot be documented or recognized as a Documented Marriage. Marriage is the foundation of our blessed nation!

Marriage Means Family, a mother, father and their child or children. If a man can become pregnant by another man and give birth to a child from his belly, only then can he have the right to a document entitled a Marriage Certificate!

The president must draw a moral line against calling a same-sex relationship a marriage. Call it a “LUA” Legal Unity Agreement or “CLA” Common Law Agreement” but we cannot call it a marriage. There are some things in this world that cannot and should not be changed, or we shall surely be in danger of God’s wrath! For God did not create Adam and Steve, God created Adam and Eve, then said be fruitful and multiply.

Our president supports equal justice, civil rights protection, affirmation of gay rights on the issues of same-sex relationships, even so, Marriage is the Holy foundation of life that God Almighty created, if a man wants to be or act like a wife, then let him reproduce life from his belly by another man, only then can you have the right of passage to a “Marriage”. Now, what about innocent children, that did not asked to be raised up seeing mommy kissing mommy, and daddy kissing daddy? What about those children trapped in a same-sex household?

Because of President Obama’s father and mother, birth was given to him, two fathers having sex didn’t create you! Now that being said, I hope you understand the difference between a man and a woman; together they create life as it’s supposed to be. Therefore, so be it traditionally!

Larry Darnell Turner “BoBo”

McKeesport, Pa.

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