National activists Ron Daniels, president of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and George Curry, editor and chief of the NNPA News Service, were in town recently to discuss ending the “War on Drugs” which is better stated as the war on Black males.
The War on Drugs is another effort by right wing conservatives to legislate morality. God gave man free will, which may have been his only mistake, which means he never meant for men, politicians, to dictate, or legislate right and wrong, that is something that comes from the heart. That should be left up to God.


Back during the era they called the roaring ’20s the right wing and church groups decided that men were abusing alcohol, which they were, thus if it was taken away from them the world would be a much better place to live. This led to prohibition in which alcohol became illegal. But instead of the world becoming a better place to live the urban areas became war zones. Thus the mafia was born. Men such Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and many, many other Black and White gangsters—mostly White—appeared on the scene providing people what they wanted. Alcohol. They saw an opportunity to make money and they jumped on it. This was happening in all communities, not just Black.

An odd thing happened. When the law was repealed all this ended. The Mafia remained but the blood ceased to flow in the streets.

This is why most concerned Blacks who have any knowledge of the drug culture at all know that we must legalize drugs to save our communities from the violence now controlling much of them.

One thing this country has established. We love to get high. Be it from illegal drugs, legal drugs, alcohol or whatever, we are going to get high and nobody is going to stop that, so why don’t we use this to our advantage? Imagine how many tax dollars we could be collecting if drugs were being sold legally and we would have more control over what was sold.

It’s odd that the most violent drug in the world, alcohol, is legal but drugs like marijuana isn’t.

Why should they be legalized?

•Even though more Whites, percentage and numbers wise are using and selling drugs, Blacks far outnumber them in the prisons throughout this country.

•It would stop the killings on the streets, because now just as the liquor stores and Wine & Spirits stores sell alcohol. Drugs would be controlled by the government and sold much like alcohol and cigarettes.

•With government control the drugs would be safer much like alcohol is today. There were many, many deaths during prohibition because of bad alcohol, because everyone was making it.

•It would free up the police to concentrate on crimes with victims, such as rape, theft, murders, or any other violent crime. Think of the extra manpower, local and national police, FBI, and others we would have if they were not tied up in the War on Drugs.

There are arguments that this would be taking money out of our Black brothers’ pockets and out of the Black community. But look around you. The drugs are flowing freely like water yet the poor Black communities throughout the country are getting worse. If there’s big money in it, the dealers are not putting the money back into the Black communities.

The event was sponsored by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century. Daniels said that this country, especially Blacks are in a state of emergency with our lives on the line. How true he is. But it’s going to take a miracle for this law to be overturned, because unlike prohibition in which Whites and Blacks were affected equally the people hardest hit by drugs are Blacks. In the Drug War, Whites are making the big money at the top of the pyramid, while the Just Us system better known as the criminal court system, as the conference very clearly pointed out, is set up to imprison or kill off any Black person who threatens the real powers in the drug culture while Whites are filling their pockets and banks with all that tax free money rolling in, while blaming and punishing Blacks.

Some of the stats were mind blowing. For example Blacks make up 13 percent of the United States and 15 percent of all drug users. However, they make up 37 percent of those convicted for drug offenses, and 74 percent of all drug offenders sentenced to prison.

Because the demand is so great for drugs, as fast as the police take down one person or group, there are two or more groups fighting to take their place.

Now only the Black activists are involved in this fight to legalize drugs, but all Blacks must become involved in it because it affects us all, especially those of us who chose to live in the Black community.

Maybe one solution is to teach our young men that even though they are involved in something that is deemed illegal, that there is no reason to act like animals. Treat it like any other business. We don’t see Giant Eagle go after Wal-Mart with guns blazing when they started adding groceries as part of their business and some moved right into Giant Eagle territory.

Just think of the blood baths if Sears, J. C. Penny and Macy’s were to do battle or what about the 12 to 16 different auto manufacturers and all the dealerships throughout the country.

So maybe the bottom line is the value of human life, God’s greatest gift. Nothing, no amount of money is worth one life.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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