Synthia SAINT JAMES wants to inspire people creatively, physically and spiritually to go for whatever their passion is.

That’s why the visual artist penned and self-published “Living My Dream An Artistic Approach to Marketing.”

Synthia SAINT JAMES is a world renowned multicultural visual artist, award winning author and or illustrator of 17 children’s books, authored an autobiographical art marketing book, 3 poetry books, a book of affirmations, and a cookbook.

“I decided to self-publish because I didn’t want to go through the jump rope of waiting for someone to be interested and then have an editor change the words. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but one of my emails went to spam and in my spam folder I saw create space and I decided to check that out and I did it,” SAINT JAMES said.

The 211-page manuscript offers artists and creative types alike practical tips on how to market their work and ultimately live out their dreams. SAINT JAMES uses the unique life and remarkable accomplishments to teach her readers invaluable lessons for marking and ultimately life.

“Living My Dream An Artistic Approach to Marketing is a powerful but easy read that gets people to stop dreaming and start taking necessary steps to make their dreams come true.

“I want people to be motivated by my journey. I’m a self-taught artist. I have learned from all the things and all the jobs that I’ve had,” said SAINT JAMES who was born in Los Angeles but raised in New York. “I enjoyed coloring and drawing like most other young children. Nevertheless, I do somehow remember having strong feelings about becoming a real artist.”

“I wanted the book to be authentic and to come from my own voice. The book gives a tiny glimpse into my childhood and then at the end of each chapter there are two to three marketing tips and at the end of the book are affirmations that anyone can use to get their day going. The book is for everyone,” SAINT JAMES said.

SAINT JAMES is a world- renowned multicultural visual artist, award-winning author and illustrator of 17 children’s books. She has also three poetry books, a book of affirmations and a cookbook.

She is an architectural designer who has garnered numerous awards during her 40-plus year career including a Trumpet Award, an honorary doctorate degree from Saint Augustine’s College. SAINT JAMES is most celebrated for designing the first Kwanzaa stamp for the U.S. Postal Service in 1997, for which she received a History Maker Award. She is also known for creating the international cover art for Terry McMillan’s book, “Waiting to Exhale.” She also created covers for McMillan’s other books, “Disappearing Acts” and “Mama.”

To date, more than 70 pieces of her art pieces have graced the covers of novels.

SAINT JAMES has created paintings for numerous national organizations including Diversity Woman Magazine, Children’s Institute International, The National Education Association, American Library Association, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

“I get inspiration on what to paint once I read the book,” SAINT JAMES said when asked how she gained insight on what to paint for each book cover.

In 2010, SAINT JAMES was commissioned to paint two awards. The first, The Mosaic Woman Award, was presented to Maya Angelou. The second was a Lifetime Achievement Award from Africare, which was presented to Nelson Mandela.

A live auction of SAINT JAMES’ art for the Sisters of Providence Mission in Chile, raised $126,000 last summer.

“I’m so passionate about what I do. I don’t feel good when I’m not creating. When I’m doing my work I feel like it’s a spiritual gift that I am blessed with. I’ve done a little bit in a lot of genres,” she said.

She is currently booking speaking engagements and exhibitions for her 2012-2013 tour, which includes colleges and universities nationwide.

When she isn’t traveling the country sharing the tips from her “Living My Dream An Artistic Approach to Marketing,” she makes sure she finds time to walk on the beach and spend time with her cat, Kiku and working on her next manuscript.

“Always be open for the next job. No matter how bad my knees shake, I go for the next challenge,” SAINT JAMES said.

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