Iconic comedian D.L. Hughley says he’ll be around all summer to annoy people.

Case and point: Hughley has an hour-long comedy special airing on Showtime in July called “Reset.”

“With your computer, when your hard drive is full, you reset it. It’s like that with society and in life. We need to reset the way we see ourselves. People tend to see things through their own experiences, like people think Trayvon Martin is getting too much coverage but if he was White would ­people be saying that? They didn’t say that about Casey Anthony or Lacey Peterson,” Hughley said.


The prolific comic is parlaying his talents in the writing arena. He has written two articles for the Huffington Post and the New York Times sharing his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case.

“It’s funny that everyone believes that the clothes is what the problem was. The only thing Black people can wear that won’t scare people is white skin,” he said.

The two articles will undoubtedly prepare Hughley’s fans—and critics—for his new book coming out in August entitled “I Want You to Shut the F*** Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Running America.”

“Most people think they are so certain and that they are right. This book is what you say when you are tired of their s***. You need to look at yourself and realize that we need to do better and we won’t be able to do better if we can’t see where we are,” Hughley said. “I wanted people to see what I saw in life. Writing a book is a discipline that I never really dug before but I like it now.”

The 300-page book is available for pre-order at http://tinyurl.com/78vtqzi.

In addition, Hughley will be guest hosting alongside Kelly Ripa on “Live! With Kelly” and performing for the troops in Saudi Arabia. Hughley’s fans can see him on the small screen this fall in a new Comedy Central sitcom out in September called “Endangered.”

Although he has forayed into various other areas, his first love has always been and will always be comedy.

“Every time I get on stage, it’s my outlet. It’s delivered me from me. I can be my own worst enemy and I probably wouldn’t be someone that can be proud of if it wasn’t for comedy,” Hughley, 49, said. “Comedy has broadened my horizons. When I’m doing comedy I try to stay as current and contemporary as possible.”

The Los Angeles-born comedian was the original host of BET’s “Comicview” from 1992-1993. From 1998-2002 the original King of Comedy wrote, produced and starred in the sitcom “The Hughleys.” He has had roles in various television shows including “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and “Scrubs.” He also hosted the BET Awards in 2008.

Hughley recently brought his sensible brand of comedy to the Pittsburgh Improv stage.

Dressed in a gray sport coat, white shirt and burgundy bowtie, Hughley discussed such current topics as Martin, the upcoming presidential election, the Penn State Scandal and marriage.

“I feel pretty creative when I come to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the only place I know where Black people are united in their love for the Steelers and their food. It’s a ­cultural city even though it’s segregated,” Hughley said.

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