Dear Editor:

Crematorium. The very word itself brings up thoughts of burning human remains (bodies) and the smells and pollution that would accompany such a place in one’s neighborhood.

Beaver Falls, through its Zoning Board, has been asked to grant a zoning variance to allow a body burning business (Crematorium) to build and operate at 210 6th Street, right next door to a family’s home in the “Lower” (south) end of Beaver Falls. Other towns such as New Brighton, Patterson and Daugherty Twp. should all be concerned as well because the wind currents and the river will carry these pollutants everywhere including the fruit market and the Supermarket on 4th and 5th Streets where we buy our food.

Tabernacle Baptist Church has been a spiritual neighbor in Beaver Falls for 93 years. Our congregation and area residents are protesting this effort to build a CREMATORIUM in our church’s back yard. The question is why TARGET our neighborhood when so much open space exists in other areas such as Chippewa, South Beaver, North Sewickley and other places where no one lives? Our protest delegation attended the April Zoning board meeting on this subject which was rescheduled for May. This should give Beaver Falls’ elected officials time to turn down this request once and for all. That’s what leaders do and that’s what we expect.

Lonzie Cox Jr.
Beaver Falls, Pa.

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