(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My son is not speaking to me. He has completely distanced himself. I have worked for the last 25 years, two jobs to provide for him. His father left me when he was only 2 years old.

This is the problem: My son dated and lived with a lady for four years, then last year met a girl and married her two weeks later. She is not a nice person, but if my son is happy, I’m happy. My son is angry because I will not keep her children during the day and not even during nights or weekends. She has four children—the youngest being 9 months old. She had never been married.


Gwendolyn, I recently retired and do not care to keep the children. She does not work. Why can’t she keep her own children? I intend to enjoy my retirement. I am making reservations to do some traveling and may go on a cruise with some friends. My daughter-in-law thinks I don’t love her children because they are step-grandchildren to me. That is untrue. What should I do?—Joan

Dear Joan: Ignore her. Give no more thought to your son’s problem. She must have been something else to cause him to marry her within two weeks. Then on the other hand, your son just happened to be the shy, timid fool who came along. After all, no other man married her. I don’t say this because she has children. I make this assumption because she is lazy and was only looking for a provider.

Let me tell you this: Retirement is to be enjoyed and after working two jobs, Joan, you definitely need to focus on your happiness.

Because she has four children and no income whatsoever, the next issue will be your son wanting to borrow your money to provide for his wife and her children. Do not get into that headache. Keep your money.

I find it so amazing how men can date a woman for years, then overnight—marry a stranger.

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