Yes, you can have too many clothes or too much of anything. Lately I’ve seen stories of real life hoarders on the news. Police officers and fireman have been hurt trying to rescue people right here in the ‘Burgh. Their family always defends them “they aren’t hoarders they’re collectors.” I picture a collection as an organized display or a neatly cataloged collection, not something piled up reaching the ceiling.

Last week I was trying to find a t-shirt, one lonely navy blue t-shirt that I had to wear to a work event. I must have gone through my drawers and closets 10 times with no success. While going through the closets and drawers I discovered I have too many clothes. Yes I have admitted it and put it in black and white. It has been said the first step in healing is admitting your problem. In searching for the t-shirt I found so many t-shirts that I have never worn, some I bought, others gifts. I also found the bag of t-shirts that need to be sent to the company that is going to make a quilt out of them. These are the t-shirts that really mean something to me.

I barely wear t-shirts. I like them to work in, things like yard work and painting the house, but not as part of my daily wardrobe. It is definitely time to purge.

My daily calendar tells me “if you are holding on to something simply because it was a gift, then you need to realize the person gave you the gift to bring you joy. If the item is creating clutter, it’s not bringing you joy. The gift giver would rather see you live a happier, healthier, and stress free life by getting rid of the gift that has become clutter in your home.”

By the way, the calendar that I have this year is the “Clutter Free Life Calendar.” Each day it has a wonderful tip for your home or office. Do you have important documents lying around? Important documents such as passports, marriage certificates and original birth certificates should be stored in a fireproof lockbox or a safe deposit box.

While going through the closets I came up with another idea, ladies I think you’ll like this one. I found quite a few dresses that have never been worn, dresses that I really like. Now I have placed a tag on that item stating what date and event I’m going to wear it to, it is fun to anticipate when I get to wear the outfit and when the date comes I don’t have to wonder and search for what I’m wearing. I also determined that I have enough clothes for work and don’t need another stitch that is work related. Anything new that might sneak its way in will be attire that is for fun and entertainment.

Yes, I did find the blue t-shirt by looking in the clothes hamper. I thought I had never worn the shirt, but apparently I did. It was waiting to be washed. Finding it brought to the surface what project I need to work on next, cleaning out my closets once again.

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