(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have two brothers and no sisters. I am the spoiled girl. My family is going through a crisis. This is the problem: My brother met a girl and he claims it was love at first sight. Two months ago, she and my brother came by and that was the first time we saw the baby. The two of them got an apartment together three months before the baby was born.


My mother is upset, my younger brother is upset, and I am upset. You see…my brother is rather slow. When we tried to tell him he needs a DNA test, he became furious. He says we are just jealous that finally he met a woman who truly loves him.

Gwendolyn, what should we do? That lady is playing him for stupid. His used-to-be best friend left town immediately after the baby was born. Everyone was telling my brother’s best friend the baby looked too much like him. Therefore, he fled the city.—Ann

Dear Ann:

I agree your brother should request the DNA test. But let me tell you this: He is gloating over the fact he has a woman. Some men have no problem whatsoever getting a date or a wife. Not true with all men. Your brother falls in the latter.

Human features can be a strange thing. Until there is a DNA test, you cannot go by the looks of the child. People often resemble people and many times are not related even as a distant cousin. It can happen that way.

Many men know or have an idea that their baby is not their baby. But they want the woman and that’s what love is all about. I just hope he does not go ape crazy when they have their first big argument and she tells him—It’s not your baby anyway.

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