The daily media saturates readers, listeners and viewers with a focus on negativity. A perfect example is the focus on drug raids on the Hill, Homewood, North Side and East Hills. There are photos of weapons, cash, drugs, and Black persons handcuffed. And they should be arrested for selling poison and disrupting our communities.


My real concern is that drug raids are also orchestrated to get maximum public relations for political purposes. Secondly the portrayal of those on the news accidently or intentionally mislead many into believing that the majority of Black men are involved in some negative acts. The truth of the matter is that 90 percent of Black men have no criminal record.

Last Friday I went to a birthday party that celebrated the 70th year of a retired dedicated educator, Julius Redd. Mr. Redd was a math teacher, who loved his profession, the students and he did his ultimate best to enhance the students’ potential to become super competent in the field of advance mathematics. He also is a devoted member of the Mother Church Bethel AME. There were more than a hundred in attendance and they came from several different parts of the country. Their presence clearly signified that Julius’s life epitomized a job well done. Many were taking pictures, but there was no news media and definitely no press or TV cameras.

On Saturday I was in attendance at a youthful function by a group who refer to themselves as S.U.N., which stands for Stand Up Now and was founded by Kent Bey. The group was well mannered and performed beyond their years. Richard Gillcresse, protégé of the legendary Bernard Jones had extended me an invitation and I thank him. I asked him what their primary function was and he provided me with the following: S.U.N. seeks to produce an educational and informational media series which seeks to encourage the youths to be exemplary, and to take the lead in developing their self worth and a healthy sense of responsibility which allows them to thrive where they live, learn and work. Once again there were no news media or TV cameras.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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