(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have been worried about my mother lately. This is the problem: She has been divorced now for at least 20 years. After her divorce, she raised me and my brother while getting little or no financial support from my dad.


Two months ago when I visited her, there was some man sitting there—I guess it was a sorta date. My mother has a high-paying professional job. She is vice president at one of the Ivy League universities. She has always been careful of the men and women in her circle. She taught her children to do the same—be watchful of the company you keep. I am bothered because the man trying to court my mother is strictly not of her type. In other words, he is not of her quality.

Gwendolyn, please help me to understand why my mother is allowing this man of no quality to be in her acquaintance.—Gloria

Dear Gloria: Twenty years is a long time to be a divorcee. I congratulate your mother for financially providing for you and your brother. Many women claim the title of single mom, but actually receive above adequate child support or they are living on the system. She is to be commended for continuing her education and moving forward in her professional career.

Let me tell you this: You need to visit your mother often, even if she does not wish for you to do so. It is important for you and your brother to let your mother know she should not date this man. Your mother is older now and her dating offers may be few. After all, most good mothers spend their youth bringing up children.

Men flirt with women who are completely out of their league because they are looking to be provided for. Your mother is possibly caught up in that lonely hearts club and not realizing her actions and the course of demise it could take. While women wait to meet the man of their dreams, the man on their level of profession, reasoning often becomes unbalanced and—loneliness has no status.

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