Whatever happened to common sense laws? It appears now far too many laws are more political than common sense. The Stand Your Ground law is an example of this. It’s the Right Wing vs. the Left Wing.

I remember a few years back reading about a man who was sent to prison when two men forced their way into his home thinking a woman they were with after a party nearby went into his house. When they broke in he shot them both. Instead of this being a simple self defense case he went to jail. It shouldn’t matter if they had weapons or not, no one should have the right to break into your home. Just because a person doesn’t have a weapon doesn’t mean that they can’t beat the hell out of you or even kill you. But this man went to prison and is probably still there now.


In Florida, a man serving 12 years in prison for DUI manslaughter is suing his victims’ survivors for his pain, suffering, medical bills and “loss of capacity for enjoying life.”

In Illinois last year, siblings aged 20 and 23 sought more than $50,000 in damages from their mom for “bad mothering,” including setting a curfew for her then-teenage daughter, “haggling” over clothing prices, and failing to send college care packages.

Lawsuits like these are, unfortunately, more the rule than the exception, says Hillel L. Presser, a lawyer specializing in domestic and international asset protection planning.

“Litigation is America’s fastest growing business, and why not? Plaintiffs have everything to gain and nothing but a few hours’ time to lose,” Presser said in a new book he just released. “Even if a case seems utterly ridiculous, like the guy in prison suing his victims’ family, defendants are encouraged to settle just to avoid potentially astronomical legal fees.”

Now you tell me how this kind of suit can even get into court, let alone be heard by a judge? Meanwhile the family that has lost a loved one now must find money to defend themselves against this crazy legal system.

Everyone should have the right to defend their home, their family and their lives. If someone is in your home uninvited you shouldn’t have to wait to find out what they are going to do, which could be too late. If you have a gun, knife, bat, whatever, it’s time to go for broke. Get them out without anyone in your family, including yourself being hurt. If thieves break in then they should know that if they get gunned down, they had no business breaking into someone’s home. But this should have to be proven in a court of law. Not just someone’s word. If this happens enough the word will get out and thieves, who are also cowards, will be less apt to try to break into homes because of the consequences.

But if your hands are tied behind your back by the law, they can do whatever they want.

Stupid laws like this are one of the reasons the conservatives once they gained power changed laws to the other extreme. Now people like George Zimmerman can gun down a young Black kid and nothing is done to him because of a law just as stupid.

The Stand Your Ground law which is being called the “Kill At Will” law by many was put into place in more than 25 states by a group called ALEC, a corporate financed membership organization for conservative state legislators in conjunction with the NRA who wrote and promotes the law, says Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League.

This law is why authorities are saying George Zimmerman is not being prosecuted. However, I say that is not the case. The reason he’s not being prosecuted is because he’s White and the person he killed is a young Black male in the South.

Why do I say this?

Well, all the evidence, and all the statements say that Zimmerman, not Martin was the aggressor, and that Martin was going home, while Zimmerman was going away from his home following in pursuit of Martin.

This law has been passed in 26 states, and if Zimmerman is not tried and convicted, and this law is not changed, look for all hell to break out in the South and many of the western states that have Blacks. And Black folk living in the suburbs with teenage boys had better watch out as well. It will be hunting season for Blacks all over again. Much like the “Good Ole Days” in the South.

Once again I want to make myself clear. I don’t think the law should be repealed, but I do think it must be modified. It must give people the right to protect their home, business and loved ones from the thugs, while still protecting innocent people.

I live in the urban community and have no urge to live in the suburbs, but I strongly feel that citizens in the inner city have just as much right to protect themselves as the suburbanites. This law by what I’ve read is very clear. You can only use deadly force when you, your family, or your home is being threatened. With all the killings and drug trafficking going on in the inner city communities, we need and want the same protection from the thugs with guns. None of this was the case in the Martin killing.

President Obama has made a very strong and bold statement in this case in support of Martin, where do Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum stand on this issue? They have been sickeningly silent. And what about the people who pushed for these laws to be passed. Again, it’s not the law, it’s the interpretation that is the problem.

Zimmerman must be prosecuted for murder.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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