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:10 Lets be real clear right here and right now. I am writing this story with my Black hoodie…hoody…hood-dee on and when I am done, I am going wherever I want and I wish somebody would say something to me about it! Ya’ll know me, but you don’t know the other me…the get ugly me. Nuff said!!!


:09 The Celtics showed you what I’ve been telling a few choice tennis players down at the Highland Park Tennis Courts for the past year. The Miami Heat can be beat from the inside out. They have no inside presence to give you any fear of coming to the board. They will not win the East …the Bulls will rule. What?…No I can’t tell you…yeah I know but when I put their names out there they get upset …but maybe this last time…No I better not…oh what the hell it’s “Big D” and Fred Crawford. Now let it go will ya?!?!

:08 Kentucky will win the NCAA Tournament, but you already know that. And yes mom and dad, Anthony Davis the 6’10” power forward wrecking crew for the Wildcats is a grown man now and will not be coming back to campus. He’s gonna get PPPPAAAAIIIIDDDD MMMAAANNN!!!

:07 Ok help me understand this because you all know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. When 20 White guys with sticks fight, everybody stops to watch and cheer and we’re told it’s part of the game!?!? But when 10 Black guys in shorts fight, it’s called a riot. Bring out the cops, and the guys are thugs and a menace to society…huh?…C’mon man!

:06 You know I don’t like the Miami Heat. I am a Lakers man, man! But I am proud of them for taking a “Hoodies Stance” in support of Trayvon Martin. I was almost done with this for now, after all this is a sports column…but here’s your Top 10 List. You knew it was coming…Yes you did!

No. 1. George Zimmerman you are not a policeman, you’re not a paid public official.

No. 2. When our young Black men are assaulted, we at least expect the villains to be real police not rent-a-cops or in this case want-to-be-cops!

No. 3. Zimm, the real police told you to leave it alone. You should have left it alone.

No. 4. The real hoodies to be afraid of would be those in white hoods, aka the KKK.

No. 5. It does not matter how big Trayvon Martin was…it does not matter that Trayvon Martin played football.

No. 6. If Zimmerman was beat up, where is some sign of blood mmmaaannn! And you know who was screaming in the background, not Zimmerman!

No. 7. If Trayvon Martin had shot Zimmerman, he would be locked up by now I assure you.

No. 8. This is not about all the other stuff…this is about this! But “they” always want to get it twisted and talk about all the other stuff…this ain’t about the other stuff!!!

No. 9. If I look suspicious for some reason, just leave me alone. Let me look suspicious until I do something wrong.

#No. 10. Please just arrest the guy, for starters just arrest the guy…that’s Florida not Pittsburgh, they’re not going to let it go!!! Don’t act stupid. You remember Johnny Gammage, I am just saying!!!

:05 The Pirates kick off their home schedule April 5 at 1:35. Let’s all go out to the ball game. No! My bad.

:04 I got 4 words for ya! Savoy…Saturday Night…Un-be-lievable!!!

:03 Check out “The Work To Ride” Inner City Polo Team in Philadelphia. All Black polo team wins the title two years in a row. Should not come as a surprise to you. Black cowboys were a major part of our history.

:02 Ran into a good old friend from back in the day, Connie Hawkins League baller Charlie Organ. If he was in the paint and had the ball it was gonna be a bucket…count on it. Yo Charlie, you’re now in “The Locker Room.”

:01 Yeah Mon it’s Reggae time again you lazy bum. It’s The Old School First Friday Par-tay at JT’s joint at The Club in Monroeville starring The Flow Band…The Reggae Masters, and D.J. Mean Gee— The Back In The Day D.J. — Soul Food Menu, Free Parking, Cash Bar, Cash Kitchen, The Fabulous Diamond Models, 50/50 Raffle, Vendors, Dress to Impress, 8 p.m.-2 a.m., Dita & Erica rockin the house and The United Rays Corvette Club with the Soul Train Dance Line at Midnight and I told ya it’s Sharon’s Birthday “Come to the Par-Tay Mon.”

:00 Double Overtime

It’s that time again. Time for “The Champions High School All Star Basketball Classic” and Middle School Tournament, Sat. April 28 at Valley High School in New Kensington from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you have a high school senior or middle school team (boys and girls) that wants to play call us right away at 412-628-4856.

~ Game Over ~

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