It’s your birthday or your wedding, maybe an anniversary and you are planning a party. You would like to give your friends a hint about the gift, but you feel like a heel asking for what you really want, cash or gift cards. One time I mentioned this to a good friend and said wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a gift registry for other than weddings and showers?

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this great idea. I just received a press release about a gift registry company and I thought I would share it with you, in case you would like to use it. “Deposit a Gift” was designed to take the awkwardness out of asking for cash. Ok this sounds cool. I guess you could put it on your invitation that you are registered on Deposit a Gift. According to the website, you can create a site for your honeymoon, wedding, baby shower, charity event, commitment ceremony or graduation. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is create the site, watch it grow and cash out.

Sounds simple to me. Through their unique registry system, couples who are marrying or committing can choose from more than 1,500 images of the fun items and activities they’d like to experience with the cash. You can also choose to upload your own photos so the registry reflects your lifestyle. The system even comes with a free, personal wedding website and a way to list registries from brick and mortar stores, creating the perfect one-stop shop. Once the gift is received, customers can use the built-in record keeper to track exactly what was received, who the giver was and when the thank you note went out. Like the traditional baby shower registry, this online system was created to be easy on the gift-givers, yet with a flexible twist. Mom and Dad can register for anything they desire, from the sleek running stroller to the new baby’s future preschool tuition, and guests then choose what they’d like to put their money towards.

Gone away are the days of shipping and gift wrap, aisle browsing and long check-out lines; and best of all for the happy couple, they won’t have to handle the hassle of returns or exchanges. If an unforeseen need arises—like that dream home came in at a higher asking price—they can redeem the gift money at any time or as often as they need to. The money can be transferred via free direct deposit, a personal check or a Visa gift card—and yes, they do really mean free direct deposit. I don’t want you to think this site is totally free. There is a fee of 7.5 percent when someone deposits a gift to the site. They encourage the giver to pay the fee so the recipient can take full advantage of the gift.

Deposit a Gift was founded by Dana Ostomel after years of contemplating the hassles and stresses of the registry process. Ostomel is a branding and marketing expert. Thanks to her extensive experience tracking consumer behaviors, she created Deposit a Gift so folks could have a streamlined way to get the things that will mean the most in the long run. If Deposit a Gift doesn’t work for you, just print “show me the money” inside your invitations.

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