:10 Let’s get right back to it. Right here and right now!! I am not letting this go and neither is the New Pittsburgh Courier. We’re calling on all responsible adults to do the responsible thing. Please explain to your young men that the idea of wearing your pants off your “butt” comes from prison inmates of a “certain persuasion” wanting to let other prisoners of interest know that they’re available for some late night cell block hugs and kisses…If you know what I mean?! Is that what you want your child to represent? C’mon Black people, let’s get them pants up. Self-respect starts at home!

:09 You want a Top 10 List…well do ya… Punk? (Oops, sorry my bad…that goes with my movie review and that’s up next.) Anyway here’s the #1 Top 10 List of all time and this one you want to pass along… compliments of Vince Neal.

The Top Ten Accomplishments of Your President Barack Obama that “they” don’t want to talk about:

1. Took out Bin Laden—Done!

2. Took out Muammar Gaddafi—Done!

3. Negotiated Nuclear Pact (START Treaty)

4. Saved General Motors/Chrysler (Saved Them!)

5. Withdrew the Troops from Iraq

6. Put in Health Care Reform (Serves Everybody)

7. Established funding for Stem Cell Research

8. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Military Law repealed

9. Presented the Matthew Sheppard/ James Byrd Act (extra penalties for hate crimes)

10. Positioned the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (equal pay for equal work)

**And in case you forgot on Oct. 19, 2009 President Barack Obama received The Nobel Peace Prize**

:08 I know, I know, it’s a sports column … just hold on a minute. (Most of you don’t know anything about sports anyway … especially if you went to Oliver High School) Anyway here’s your movie review and it’s a two for one. First if you really love your woman take her to see “The Vow” I give it three basketballs. Secondly the new Tyler Perry movie “Good Deeds”…is Good Indeed! I give it three and 1/2 basketballs!! Fellas I am sorry but I do have a sensitive side…these are two great love stories…I am just saying!

:07 Congratulations to the greatest basketball player of all time…the late great Wilt Chamberlain. Fifty years ago he became the first and only man to score 100 points in a game. (I’ll give you some incredible Chamberlain stats next week. Stay tuned.)

:06 In case you haven’t noticed, “Kobe” Bryant is leading the NBA in scoring at 28.6 per game and my Lakers are pulling it together. And I still predict the Heat does not win the title. Now somebody call Fred Crawford and tell him I am still in it. (What face mask?)

:05 Just a mental note for ya. The most underrated, as well as most talented and successful coach in Pittsburgh is Pitt Track Coach Alonzo Webb. Not that he looks for the attention. Keep doing what you’re doing Coach and good luck with your future star sprinter Brycen Spratling. Olympic Gold awaits him.

:04 Next Sunday at 9 p.m., don’t miss ESPN’s 30 For 30 film series on Magic Johnson who has survived more than 30 years with the HIV Virus, c’mon man!

:03 Hey Boston you want to trade Rashawn Rondo…I’ll take him in a New York minute… No man not Jeremy Lin, I am talking Rondo Baby! 18 points, 20 rebounds and 17 assists…are you kidding me?

:02 What is wrong with you mmaann? Are you going to just keep on not coming…am I going to have to keep beating you with this old school stick? The New Old School First Friday Par-Tay had its second back to back standing room only get down, get down! Congrats to Ms. Sandy Thomas the winner of the Karaoke sing off and the money! And an At-A-Boy and happy birthday to Mr. Jackson and the entire Gibson Soul Food family. Love ya’ll! And special thanks to Ed Steve and the Dave Smith Auto Superstore for your Karaoke sponsorship.

:01 If you want to have some sure-nuff fun then this is it. Get your team ready for “The Champions Volley with the Starrs” Volleyball Tournament coming up March 24, at The Club Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville. Here’s the rules—$100 Entree Fee—1st & 2nd Place Trophies—12 players per team—6 men, 6 women, 1 person 16 or under, 1 person 55 or over, 1 person must be a celebrity—you must have a coach—best two out of three games elimination—group or organization promotion and advertising welcome—proceeds to benefit Champions Youth “Safe Summer” programs including The Connie Hawkins Middle School Summer Basketball League. Call The Champions to register at 412-628-4856 right away. Only 12 teams accepted.

~ Overtime ~

Tyler Scott and Barnett Harris and the rest of the Gateway Gators beat up on Central Catholic like rented mules. Go Gators, a state title awaits you.

~ Game Over ~

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