Everyone isn’t born with common sense. Here is a sad story I’m sure you heard about last week. A young man 22 years of age gets a decent job working for an armored car company. You know those trucks that move money around. I’m thinking that once he got the job and saw all that money they were hauling around, the wheels started turning in his head. How hard would it be to just take some of the money and run away with it?


I’ve worked around lots of cash and this type of fantasy always crosses your mind. But common sense grabs a hold of you and you know that you cannot get away with it and even if you did you could not be comfortable with the money if you were always on the run.

I wonder if that horrible day went something like this for the armored car newbie (the 22 year old). He goes to work and says to his partner seasoned employee (31 year old), “let’s take some of the money and run.” Seasoned employee says “that is not a good idea forget about it.” Newbie is convinced this is the thing to do and even though the partner won’t go for it, he decides to go with his plan. Things did not go well. The seasoned employee is shot and killed and the newbie is seen walking away from the running truck left under the 31st Street Bridge. I’m so sure when people heard the story they knew the newbie was a person of interest.

About a day after the body was discovered it was revealed that $2 million was missing and the newbie had called a friend and said his life was over. Allegedly he asked his friend to come along for the ride; after all he had $2 million to share. Seems like the friend was a little stronger in the common sense department and said no. The newbie also wanted to know about extradition laws in Mexico. What happened to the rest of your plan newbie? That kind of money is hard to spend when everyone is looking for you. Where are you going to go? Who can you trust? Where can you relax? Common Sense should have come into play before he pulled the trigger. You can’t get away with this, and I don’t care what you saw in the movies. The best thing to do is keep working, go back to school, get an education and just fantasize about what you would do if you had $1 million and then hope you make it to pay day so you can collect your check.

My heart goes out to the family of the seasoned employee.

Another lack of common sense story involves a major discount retailer that has fired several employees because they did not protect the store’s money when they were robbed at gunpoint. The dismissed employees were told they did not do enough to protect the store’s money. Are you serious? Common sense tells you that your life is more important. If the thief comes in with, or without, a gun and asks for the money, give it up and then have the common sense to go and look for a job in a place that you hope won’t get robbed.

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