I don’t want a president that is in my house let alone the bedroom. I can’t understand why and how abortion, same sex marriage and birth control have become such political hot buttons. That is the furthest thing from my mind when electing a president. These are personal issues that affect individuals.


Why do people even ask this question of politicians? These seem like questions you would ask someone who is going to be your priest or minister. But instead, they are being posed to men who have had several wives, adulteress affairs, to politicians who are found out to be gay when they said they were straight and to men who say they live one place, but clearly live in another.

Why aren’t politicians being asked questions that will affect the masses? Like, when are you going to bring jobs back to the United States or how are you going to lower the cost of oil so our gasoline prices will go down?

Questioning someone’s relationship with God is not a political issue. I don’t want a devil worshiper or a member of the KKK in office, but attacking someone because they attend a particular church is crazy. Do these candidates even go to church except during election time? They are all a bunch a hypocrites.

If you want to ask them about abortion, also ask them about the racism that still exists in our country. I believe these bedroom issues are being used to mask the real issues. The ones they know they cannot solve or the one’s they don’t have any answers for or never will. It is easy for a man to sit on a stage and talk about birth control and abortion when that burden has never been on their shoulders.

I’d like to see someone concerned about bringing the United States back to the super power that it once was, education should be a political issue, along with the environment and making sure that social security, Medicare and Medicaid will still be in existence. Work on issues that will benefit the masses.

If a man wants to marry another man I say go for it, at least women will know he doesn’t want to be married to a woman and we can write him off of our list. Don’t force women who would like to have an abortion back into the alley or some foreign country. This issue was voted on many years ago and it is over with, quit trying to overturn rulings that have been passed.

The real issues are avoided because these guys have no idea how they are going to address them even if they were to be elected, so they choose so called hot button issues that gets people all riled up and the real issues are ignored.

An associate called me over to her desk to point out to me what President Obama was “doing” to health care regarding the Catholic Church. She is close to 60 and not in need of birth control, get over it. And I don’t give a rat’s behind about someone else’s healthcare program as long as mine is intact. If someone doesn’t want to use a portion of the health care plan then don’t or find a job somewhere else.

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