10: Yo Neal…Neal…Neal! What? Hey man what is wrong with you, you know John Blanton has a sister don’t you? Yeah, see what had happened was… uh… See there was two nuns and the one nun said to the other nun… Neal! Oh all right I forgot her name, I am sorry. You know I “Ain’t” been the same since the concussion in 1972. Anyway “Ms. Jahnita” this one’s for you. Now all them Blantons are in “The Locker Room”.


09: Never mind the point guard skills that Jeremy Lin has used to take the Knicks on an 8-1 win streak. The boy can throw it down too. That’s the icing on the cake.

08: Speaking of which, and I was, stop trying to make “Mello” Carmelo Anthony the bad guy to be. Not only will he not ruin the party but he is going to turn the music up. He only stands to gain if he can “dance to the music”. If there’s one thing every great shooter loves, it’s having someone give him the ball All… Night… Long! Just ask Drew Schifino, Chaz McCromman, Tommy Pipkins and “Bum” Coates, some of the best that ever lit it up.

07: You all keep crying Pitt “Ain’t” this and Pitt “Ain’t” that and they quit on the coach, and they’re not trying. Hello…None of that is true.The truth is they’re giving you what they got… That’s all they got! You can’t make a silk purse out of (Fill in the blank) but one season does not make a Pitt career. The Panthers will be back next season as good as new… And they’re bringing a seven footer with um, and that, you Mountaineers, can take to the bank!!!

06: That old saying the “Famous Die in Three’s” is a little hard to believe sometimes but…Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston and Hall of fame catcher Gary Carter all gone last week… I’m just saying!!

05: First of all, to the lady in line behind me at the Dollar General Store in Penn Hills, I didn’t get your name but thanks for reading. You’re now in the “Locker Room”! Secondly, yes I stop at the dollar store, shut up, you know you do too. Thirdly I can never understand why anybody would buy something any place if it’s cheaper at the dollar store?

04: Let’s see, I owe you $28 million dollars to play quarterback for my Indy Colts…you’ve had three shoulder surgeries and you’re 35 years old…Hmm, ah, well…Hey Peyton Manning, see ya!!!!!

03: I know nothing about golf, I mean nothing, so what’s it tell you about how tough the game must be when the greatest of all time can’t win. Tiger will be back, be patient.

02: This has to go in by itself. Everybody tell everybody to tell everybody they know that the 37th annual Kenny Durrett Memorial high school, middle school, grade school All-Star basketball classic is coming up soon, April 7. All graduating seniors, both boys and girls, city and WPIAL should call in ASAP to play in the longest running high school All- Star game in Western PA history. Call the Champions Office at 412-628-4856.

01: At The Buzzer…1. Old school First Friday coming at ya March 2 at J.T’s Joint in “ The Club” Health & Fitness Center in Monroeville, 30 and over only, ID check, free parking, cash bar/ cash kitchen, 50/50 and prizes, Soul Train line dance, great vendors, the PGH Corvette Club, The Fabulous Diamond Models, and special for March…Karaoke Night…Come get your singing on…Special prize for the winner, dinner for two at the magnificent Savoy Restaurant. 2. Volley with the Stars volleyball tournament is coming in March. Call the Champions 412-628-4856 to enter your team. 3. If it’s Thursday the 23rd and it’s after 6 p.m. and you’re not upstairs at the Savoy right now you’re missing he Fabulous Diamond Models Fashion show extravaganza…C’ MON MAN!


Here’s all you need to know and this comes to you from the vice president of the “Know-It-All-Club”…Me! Dwayne Woodruff is the greatest guy in the world, end of story! (Eddie Jefferies is still president, don’t get it twisted)

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