The New Pittsburgh Courier is proud to present our Fab 40 for 2012, a select group of young men and women recognized by our readers for their outstanding accomplishments.


These movers and shakers represent an era where more doors are opening to African-Americans then ever before. Our Fab 40 are not only taking advantage of these opportunities, but are already reaching back to make sure others don’t fall behind.

Some on this list are committed to improving the Pittsburgh region in their professional lives as employees at nonprofits and other service organizations. Others give back through mentoring and philanthropic efforts that extend beyond the realm of their nine to five jobs.

The men and women on this list grew up on the cusp of the technological age and many of them have harnessed this resource to change the way business is done in the city. They have mastered the art of networking through online mediums and are leveraging this technology to raise awareness for social causes.

These individuals are a part of the most educated generation of adults the nation has seen up until this point. Their status as corporate executives, business owners and public servants shows the diversity of the Black community.

Although these men and women might belong to the MTV Generation, their stories of success counteract the negative images of their peers splashed across music videos. Thanks to these individuals, businesses and corporations are realizing the value of a more diverse workplace.

They are climbing faster up the ranks than their parents, but they understand the sacrifices that built the rungs of the ladders they climb. They appreciate the mentors who ushered them into their careers and are multiplying that impact by increasing diversity in their own workplaces.

This list represents a new cadre of professionals who know how to multi-task. While keeping their nose to the grind in their professional lives, many on our list still find time to connect to arts and culture as artists, singers and entertainment industry moguls.

With the help of our Fab 40, the city has become more attractive to young and diverse talent from other parts of the country. The Pittsburgh region has never been known for it’s youthfulness, but with a new infusion of young blood into local government and other sectors, the city is beginning to see a rebirth.

The Fab 40 awards reception will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Feb. 24 at the Fairmont Pittsburgh. A networking mixer will follow from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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