:10 Hold up wait a minute…let’s get something fixed. Right here and right now! Rise AAU Youth Basketball Organization coach Toni Allen did not play for Allderdice. She played for the Westinghouse Bulldogs and is “A Bulldog for life.” Let’s not make that mistake again!! (Come on people upstairs in the editor’s office, let’s get it together) I’m sorry coach, it won’t happen again but can you answer a question for me, why would anybody want to be a bulldog for life? Oops my bad. Just kidding…just kidding.

:09 I don’t know a lot about a lot of stuff as you already know if you read this column every week, but I do know this. I know a buy-out when I see one and the city’s trying to buy you out Jordan Miles! Don’t take the $75,000 they’re trying to give you. That means they’re worried. Wait for the $1 to $3 million you got coming. And that, my people you can truly take to the bank!

:08 Did you hear about the Blantons? Well here we go. First of all the late great Mr. Blanton, was quite simply the nicest man you would ever meet, bar none. Secondly J.B., the son who played basketball at Pitt won a slam dunk contest at the old Fitzgerald Field House back in the day and Demetrius Gore, Jerome Lane and Charles Smith should have stayed home that night…that’s right I said it! And I know it’s true because I was the M.C. the night that J.B. shook up the world! But this is about “Mrs. B.” She reads Overtime every week. Not only that, she likes it. Go figure. “Mrs. B.” you’re now in the Locker Room. What? …I don’t know if they have a dog or not!

:07 Hey Kobe, I bet you know who Jeremy Lin is now, after he dropped 36 on you.

:06 How can Michael Jordan, the 2nd greatest player of all time, not run a better team than the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. I don’t get it. M.J. c’mon man!! (Who’s No. 1? Wilt Chamberlain fool. We’ve been over this).

:05 Hate to be the one to tell you this. Denzel’s new movie “Safe House” is safe from never being considered a good movie. Slow, weak and unbelievable. (SPOILER ALERT!) And why does anybody think that it’s ever a good idea to kill Denzel off. (Oops my bad! but don’t worry, the movie dies long before Denzel does—funny, they never kill off Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris or Tom Cruise. and Arnold always comes back…house­maid and all) I’m just saying. I give “Safe House” 1-1/2 basketballs. I got ya, you wanna see a good one go see “Man on a Ledge.” I give it 3 basketballs. (Yeah, I double up on the movies for the price of one…oh shut up you know you do it, too. Hey, I ain’t in there by myself…and I do it for my readers, it’s not for me!

:04 Anyway, here we go! The Top 10 list ya know and love. Top 10 Denzel Movies: No. 1 “American Gangster”; No. 2 “Training Day”; No. 3 “Man on Fire”; No. 4 “Malcolm X”; No. 5 “Glory”; No. 6 “Book of Eli”; No. 7 “Philadelphia”; No. 8 “Remember the Titans”; No. 9 “Devil in a Blue Dress”; No. 10 “Déjà vu.” (And Alia Carter and Lorana Mitchell signed off on it. Now run and tell that!!)

:03 Where did the Memphis Grizzles get them god forsaken, ugly as your best friend’s dead grandma, uniforms. You got to be kidding me!

:02 Update No. 1—You can add Gabriel Union and Laila Ali to any Top 10 list. No. 2—These guys were below the radar stars but would punish you the same; Alex A.J. Johnson, Terry Knight, Mark McCloud, Chip Harris, Stu Lyons (shut up B.B.), Kenny Lewis, Reggie Cox, Reggie Dukes “The Count” from East Hills, Jimmy Cox and Mike Goosby.

:01 “At The Buzzer” You gotta be at Cambria Suites Hotel Feb. 17 for the “Champions Forever” Tip-Off Reception 2012—Black History Month theme honoring Pittsburgh’s African-American authors. Special guest Jim O’Brien, nationally acclaimed writer, B.B. Flenory, Rayco “War” Saunders and The Diamond Models—free parking—6-9 p.m.—cash bar & kitchen—fabulous meet and greet! $20 donation benefits the Kenny Durrett High School All-Star Basketball Classic.

Don’t miss The Diamond Models Meet & Greet Fashion Show at the magnificent Savoy Restaurant Feb. 23, upstairs where it’s hot! Get your photo taken with The Fabulous Diamonds—cash kitchen & bar—$20 donation benefits the Kenny Durrett High School All-Star Basketball Classic.


:00 Tyler Scott is the new all-time leading scorer at Gateway High School. Now he and his sister share those titles for the Gators, and they are well deserved. Hear me and hear me loud and clear, in two years Tyler Scott will be a recognized Div I star and in three years Barnett Harris will make his mark. You heard it from “Coach Neal”


:000 Eddie “E.J.” Jefferies is getting better by the day.

~ Game Over ~

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