Valentine’s Day 2012 is behind us. How did you celebrate? Did you get flowers, candy and jewelry? Maybe you gave someone something, at least a card perhaps, to someone else. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be what do you get, but why not give something?


On this most recent Valentine’s Day my coworkers and I (day job) held a pancake breakfast at work. We made blueberry pancakes, walnut pancakes and regular buttermilk hotcakes and sausage. The money that was made was used to create care packages for the military troops that are still deployed. It was so much fun to do this on a holiday when most people are looking for someone to give to them. I also gave each of my co-workers a small box of candy. They were so surprised when it landed on their desk.

The same group at work who did the pancake breakfast organized an event called “Smiles for Seniors.” For this event we collect gifts for senior citizens in a particular nursing home and then we collect baked goods. Employees are allowed to use some of their volunteer time to go to the nursing home and have a party for the seniors. They absolutely love this. Many of the seniors don’t receive anything and no one comes to see them. One co-worker put together his barbershop quartet and they sang old love songs. It was wonderful.

I send my mom a card. Even though I live close by she likes to get mail. I found the cutest sock puppet slippers for my great nephew this will be his gift. I know he will love these slippers.

They have the best cards at the Dollar Tree and now is the time to stock up on some cards for next year. Speaking of stocking up on cards don’t forget to pick up some birthday cards and sympathy cards. It is always good to keep those in your desk as well. The Dollar Tree is also the hot spot for Mylar balloons. They have a great selection and they last for a long time. Often I buy my own balloon for my birthday and then when it is someone else’s birthday I tie the balloon to someone else’s chair. Last year we had so much fun watching the balloon to see how long it would last and who would have it next. I bought one that said, “It’s your Day” so it was suitable not only for birthdays but anniversarys and promotions. It lasted for about two months.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about you. Have fun and make it about someone else for a change. It is so much fun to see the smile on someone else’s face and there is nothing wrong with buying your own flowers, candy or balloons. If someone asks you who they are from, tell them a close personal friend. After all, aren’t you your own best friend?


I’d like to express my sorrow in the death of Whitney Houston. I admired her style and her beautiful voice. The movies she starred in were some of my favorites. I look forward to seeing her in the remake of “Sparkle.” Rest in peace, Whitney.

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