Congressional Republicans have unintentionally given President Obama a gift with their inept and negative approach to creating public policy that meets the needs of the average American.


Prior to the Christmas holiday, Congress was locked in a debate over whether or not to temporarily extend both tax cuts to middle class Americans and unemployment benefits. Republicans, as is becoming the norm, fought hard to set up road blocks so the legislation wouldn’t pass, saying they’d rather wait until the full Congress could pass a year-long extension, saying a temporary extension made no sense. Clearly the Republicans didn’t give much thought to what to American families would have to do to make ends meet while they waited what could be months for that full bill to be debated and passed.

Understandably frustrated with the political games, President Obama took his case to the American people, asking Americans to share what the extra money would mean to their bottom line. Realizing that continuing to fight the issue would hurt their chances in the 2012 elections, Republicans finally did the right thing and let the bill pass.

Obama was victorious. But that isn’t the only gift the Republicans gave him. While making his plea to the country, Obama displayed the same characteristics of that bold candidate who swept into the White House nearly four years ago. He showed that he could and would stand strong, even in the face of nonsensical Republican opposition, and deliver.

Even a novice political observer is aware that President Obama has faced several major challenges during his first term. Tensions created by renegade Republicans with no other agenda than to see him fail haven’t helped matters much. Thank God the Republicans woke up and did the right thing by the American people. Let’s hope that, regardless of who is in power after the 2012 elections, they will continue to put the needs of American people ahead of their own.

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