(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My granddaughter ran away from home as a teenager at 17 years old. One day her mother asked if we would try to make one last attempt to locate her. The family had considered that in the 20 years gone she had met with foul play. After much searching, someone answered our Facebook telling us they knew where my granddaughter was staying. We contacted her and sent her money to visit. It was a happy occasion—at least at first.


She is now 37 years old and acts like a 2-year-old. This is the problem: After the excitement wore off, we were able to see how she flaunts herself with the males in the family—including her elderly uncles. Whenever the adult females try to give her advice regarding her sleazy life, she rebukes. Therefore, it was the opinion of the family that she not be invited to any family gatherings. We explained to her that she was loved but we were not going to tolerate her vulgar ways. Her actions are bad for the other children and teenagers in the family. She moved into the projects with her four children, but stays to herself—and that’s just fine with us. I hate it because her children are my greatgrands, but I’m too old for the drama.

It’s horrible. She always stands with her rear end facing the men and she sits on the sofa with no respect to how her legs are placed. I do love her, but hate her actions.—Andrew

Dear Andrew: I am glad your granddaughter had not met with foul play. I’m sure that during those 20 years of her absence, there have been many sleepless nights and restless days. I know you want to get to know your greatgrands and, hopefully, that will come to be. Maybe your granddaughter will realize how important it is to be back with family and put better actions in her life. Suggest to her to seek counseling or to come to the realization her children need to come to know their grandparents. But for the present I am glad to know you and the rest of the family refuse to tolerate ‘low’ character. Just because it’s family makes no difference. Let me tell you this: When you are ‘class’ it is difficult—to deal with trash.

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