If you have been looking for my gift guide you are reading it right now. This gift giving and buying thing is really simple. Buy the person what they want and don’t be afraid to ask or please don’t be afraid to tell someone what you would really like to have—big emphasis on the really. Take me for instance, I don’t need anything but I want a lot of things. The list of things I want is huge and the majority of them I would not ask someone to give to me. So I am asking people who know me well and really want to buy me a gift to give me gift cards to stores where I can buy building and remodeling materials, you know the ones, Lowes and Home Depot. I have a big project planned for 2012 and it will feel good to take the gift cards to the store and buy the things I need.

I don’t want any perfume, a Christmas sweater or a box of chocolates, just a gift card even, if it is only for $5 or $10. I could use that for light bulbs or a couple of two by fours.

Is this around the time you are calling me ungrateful? No, I’m not ungrateful, just practical at this stage in my life. How many times have you opened a gift and said, “what I am going to do with this?” Or “what is it?” “Why didn’t they just send me the $10?”

As you know I’m all about making a pig’s ear look like a silk purse but sometimes it just doesn’t work. If you send me shopping even for an extension cord I’m a happy camper. There are a lot of people who are not in to giving gift cards. If you look around especially in card stores you can find the cutest gift card holders. Or buy the person a nice wallet and put the gift card inside.

A gift certificate is just as good as a gift card. When I was getting my nails done the other day several people including a few men came into the salon to buy gift certificates. A gift like that is so appreciated, it shows you pay attention to what I do, what I like and you even know where I get my nails done. Most hair salons, nail salons and day spas have gift certificates available. If they don’t, you can arrange to pay for a future service for someone in advance and put the recent in a beautiful card and your shopping is finished.

Here is a little tip on what not to buy. No stars in the sky in my name. OMG are people still doing that? When you hear the commercial it sounds nice doesn’t it? The power of marketing, but one of the most useless gifts I’ve ever heard of in my life. Who else would know that the star was named after me but me and the person who bought it? Now, a star on Hollywood Blvd would be right up my alley, but no star in the galaxy please. Save yourself some time and buy the person what they really like, they will love you for it.

Merry Christmas everyone and stop driving and texting, be safe.

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