:10—Here’s a shout-out to the greatest sports mind in Western P.A. second to “Smokin’ Jim” Frazier…my man “Anthony”, the sports talk show caller from “Highland Park”. This guy is always on point, amd he’s in the Locker Room now.


:09—Speaking of “Smokin’ Jim” Frazier, and I was, he blew up the intros at the 36th Annual Willie Stargell MVP Awards. He had the crowd dancin’ in their seats …the only thing better was the introductions presented by the beautiful and talented Kimberly Gill of KDKA-TV. She was fantastic…just ask all the men at her table!

:08—Respect and love goes out to the family and friends of Brother Dwayne Muhammad who tragically passed away Dec. 3 from a sudden heart attack at the age of 40. He was a visionary, way ahead of time, a motivator, an innovator, an activist and a great guy. He helped Champion Enterprises along the way as he did countless others. My Brother you will be missed. Most of all your million dollar smile that could light up a room will forever shine bright in our minds. Hip-Hop Forever!

:07—Tiger Woods won a golf tournament, you know what that means…the ladies are back! Probably 20-25, tall blonde, superwomen, and I ain’t mad at him. After all we all need a little fun in our lives. Oops, my bad…I am sorry ladies at the Courier, I know you’re sensitive to that kind of thing!

:06—Now look, in the grand scheme of things and on the world scale my football history means little or nothing, but me and every guy I know has had at least (10) concussions in our time and nothing has happen to us! Well enough of that, let me get back to my conversation with Elvis, Michael, Sammy Davis, Moses and J.F.K. (you know what’s really crazy is J.F.K. still thinks it was only one bullet) yeah I am ok! No…Really I am good!

:05—TEE-BOW…TEE-BOW…TEE-BOW!!! Right now Merrill Hodge, Chris Carter and John Elway are somewhere holding each other up in total disbelief…and it serves them right. Hey they were athletes. They know better than to question the size of a man’s heart!

:04—If you don’t know you better ask somebody but J.T of J.T.’s Ribs is about to take over The Restaurant at The Club Health & Fitness Center in Monroeville, yep…the same place we do the First Friday Par-Tay’s. Come on ya’ll it’s time to get your eat on!

:03—Speaking of First Friday, and I was, (Man you all catch on quick…being City League grads and all. I am just saying) Jan 6, 2012 kicks off the new season of First Friday’s and it’s coming to you in style. The Champions First Fridays Old School Par-Tay proudly presents THE FLOW BAND and a reggae good time yea mon…we gon to Par-Tay all night long mon!!

:02—And you wonder why it’s called The Nite of Champions? Here’s why; a Super Bowl thank you to all of our very special guests at the Willie Stargell MVP Awards. Quite possibly the best ever since the days of Ali and “Dr. J.” being with us. Hhheeerrreee we go! Judge Dwayne Woodruff and Robin Cole—2 Time Super Bowl Champions, J.R. Holden—European basketball superstar, Ashley Battle—WNBA star, Clinton Davis—formerly one of the fastest men in the world; Clarence Hopson—Pittsburgh basketball legend, Rayco “War” Saunders—World Boxing Foundation All Americas Light Heavyweight Champion; Chuck Sanders—Former Pittsburgh Steeler and Heisman Trophy Candidate, and… well, you know, B.B. Flenory —former Boston Celtic, Coach Karen Hall of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. All under one roof…c’mon man, are you kidding me…and you decided not to come… your bad!

:01—I am telling you right now. If the Lakers get Dwight Howard its over. I can live without Lamar Odem, don’t get me wrong they’ll miss him but trust me…Howard, Gasol and Bynum. We won’t need Chris Paul or for that matter we almost don’t need Kobe! What…Huh…Say What…Man are you crazy? Forgive me God I know not what I say.

~ Over Time ~

:00—Now what you got to say about Big Ben…nothin’, that’s what. Just shut up. His 2nd half performance against the Cleveland Browns is the stuff legends are made of.

~ Game Over ~

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