(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I am 38 years old and my money is funny. This is the problem: I have six women friends—all on an intimate scale. I don’t know which one to give a Christmas gift. I am seriously thinking of quitting all of them and rekindle after Christmas. Well, let me correct that. I need to not rekindle until after Valentine’s Day. I hate to give one a gift and not the other five. I know that is not right but I cannot afford to make all of my old ladies happy.


I may have to permanently quit two of them because they want to get married. My intention on marriage is not until I am at least 50. I am a player Gwendolyn. Can’t help it. If I quit all of them, they will still love me later. You know…women are silly that way.—Bob

Dear Bob:

I am speechless. I can’t believe it. Six women? All intimate with you? Oh yeah, you’re right. They are silly. But let me tell you this: Don’t think all women are stupid. I knew you didn’t have quality women when you referred to them as your “old ladies.” Any man who cannot refer to a lady in a more respectable way is not worth having. So, Bob, don’t lose those women because they do come few.

Now, as to your intention to marry at 50. I hate to burst your bubble. But think about. That birthday party will never happen. You cannot play with the affection of every woman. Often the “player” gets played. You may think they are silly, but one of them may actually show you silly. If you do not contract a disease that kills you, one of those—silly women will.

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