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I don’t need a reality show, all I have to do is watch the news or read the paper.


I was surprised how many people did not hear the story about the woman or should I call them a “mannette” because it turns out she was really a he, who posed as a doctor. Check out this name O’Neal Ron Morris that is the name that the “fake doctor” uses. Apparently shim, who was giving out bodily enhancements, injected the victim with a mix of cement, mineral oil and Fix-a-Flat, I believe they tried to close the incision with super glue. All I can say is wow. The victim was in serious pain and complained to Morris who told the patient it would get better. The victim paid about $700 for the treatment.

There are some things where you can’t get a discount and plastic surgery on your butt is one of them. The person who let Morris do this procedure should have taken a good look at the fake doctor. His behind was like a huge bubble butt, big enough to hold an entire place setting not just the glass. It seems he also performed this surgery on himself. Not only was this person’s behind crazy big, her lips looked very trout like and she had this strange pointy chin.

Morris was charged with practicing medicine without a license. Police believe there are more victims out there too embarrassed to come forward; most of the victims are members of the transgender community in Miami, Fla. Morris is claiming she is innocent and it will all come out in the media just like the Herman Cain incident.

I knew it was time for Herman to hat it up. What married man lends money to another woman for 13 years and thinks it is just friendship? Come on Herman we are so much smarter than that and I hope your wife is as well. Your wife must not care or has just gotten used to your nonsense.

I am amazed at the people still supporting him who say this does not matter to them, that this has no effect on what type of president he will be. Well I think it does, I want someone with some integrity, not a man who sleeps around on his wife or one that has been charged for sexual harassment with two women that have received financial compensation.

What I really want to know is why do people whose mess is found out always want to blame the one who found it? Cain is trying to blame the media. Don’t blame the messenger because they knew where the bodies were buried. S.E. Cupp from CNN Opinion said it best, “Cain can’t blame the media for his fumbles on foreign policy, or his inability to explain his own position on abortion. Nor can he blame Democrats or his alleged victims for his failure to sell his 9-9-9 plan as the solution to all of our ills. Herman Cain is not a victim. He’s a man who decided he deserved the highest vote of confidence the country could give him. And though he may be a genuine, likable and thoughtful person with some good ideas, he did not deserve that vote.”

So “hat em up” Herman head back to the pizza shop.

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