Why do people have to start trouble everywhere that they go? I’m sure you have heard about the woman who used pepper spray in the store to keep the other shoppers away from the bargains. She referred to it as competitive shopping. Who does that and what was she using to keep the pepper spray out of her eyes and nose? A gas mask maybe, and what made her think it was going to work?


If you aren’t in time to get the bargains it’s just too bad. I went out with the hopes of getting a 42” flat screen television for $199 but I was too late. I didn’t turn the store upside down; I just went on to the next spot and was lucky enough to get the $.99 poinsettias at Home Depot and the tree lights for $2.50. My main purpose in going out was to get my free snow globe from J.C Penny’s. Each year they hand out miniature snow globes to the early customers. They are Disney inspired and they have the year printed on them. This is kind of like my Black Friday Warrior trophy.

I typically wait until after 4 a.m. to leave my house. I’m not up for standing in long lines or sleeping outside in a tent waiting for a store to open. If you’re spending money why add pain and suffering to it? Last year it was pretty easy to plan a strategy for shopping. All of the stores didn’t open at the same time, so you could stagger your shopping.

Many of the fights that took place happened at Wal-Mart, there was even a fight in Rome at Wal-Mart. People were carrying guns and a few people got shot but thank goodness no one was stomped to the ground while trying to get a $2 waffle maker.

Since Black Friday has become so successful there has been the addition of small business Saturday and Cyber Monday and numerous stores opened on Thursday all day and before midnight Thanksgiving night. While my dinner was cooking I stopped in Big Lots and found boxes of beautiful Christmas tree ornaments for $5. The store was going to be open until 8 p.m. That was a bit much. After I found that out I felt bad that I was in there shopping.

I want to see all businesses do well, it is a shame that the bulk of the business comes once or twice a year. One lady said she had to go out on Black Friday because she could not afford to buy a television at any other time due to the high price. She should just watch the paper, there are sales all of the time, and now a few stores have reinstated lay-a-way. Here is the kicker, you may have had better luck buying the television online, the prices were the same and no lines.

If people read the ads closely they would see that there were limited amounts of those bargains. I’m not taking a chance if there are only 10 sale items to a store. Instead of a fun shopping trip it sounds like a suicide mission. What did I gain by going shopping on Black Friday, not too much but I know what I lost, a good night’s sleep.

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