Boys and girls, did any of you happen to watch the entire Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs game on this past Sunday night? The reason I emphasize the word “entire,” I simply have this to say; I am ecstatic I did not make the trip to Missouri. Twelve men on the field, wasted timeouts equal suspect and defective coaching.


Media folks are still trippin on this “elite” quarterback business in regards to “Big Ben” Roethlisberger. Anytime your offense cannot score more than 13 points when your defense hands you four turnovers; tell the boys to avoid the “mushrooms.”

The Black and Gold looked OK at least defensively. Even with defensive gifts, Ben could only pass for 193 yds. He also threw 1 TD and 1 pick. The score should have been 53-9.

Bruce Arians also needs to sit “sir Hines-ey” Ward down and don’t let his ego ruin the season. How many balls did Mr. Ward snag against the K.C? Well as if you didn’t know I am going to tell you anyway; he caught four, four balls for 21 yards —ah that amounts to a lofty 5.3 yards per catch. Oh did I mention that 14 of those yards came on one reception? Hines Ward will someday be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Let’s hope that before that great day happens that he’s not given a wooden bust in the Steelers Nation “Hall of Shame” for just stayin around! In the case of Mr. Ward; Papa may not be a rolling stone but Papa may be hangin’ on too long.

The Steelers did not win the contest against the Chiefs. They were like shoplifters removing the barcodes from packaging to prevent the alarm from going off when they exited the store not realizing that the real alert mechanism was located inside the packaging. The alarm bell of the Steelers offense is ringing, ringing, ringing…….

Don’t let the Sun go down on me.

The “Sun” that I am referring to is Pitt’s quarterback Tino Sunseri who provided the “sunset” for for the Panthers’ post season hopes. He almost singlehandedly squandered the Panthers chances to beat West Virginia on Saturday. The “Mounties” escaped with a 21-20 win. In 2011, Pitt lost three games by a total of seven points.

This game, as well as Sunseri’s career, seems to have resulted in a strong case of alumni influence gone awry. What promises were made behind the scenes by ex-Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt to Tino Sunseri as well as his father to influence him to forego his commitment to Louisville and play for Pitt? Was Sunseri promised the kitchen sink or last but not least starting job at Pitt for better or for worse? Was this a marriage that should have never been attempted or consummated in the first place? Ya know like the union when you think that your blushing bride is a certified virgin only to find out only when she accidentally drops her wallet when you are carrying over the threshold that she is a card carrying “lady of the evening” straight from the “Vegas” strip and your marriage represents a mere sabbatical for her. In regards to Sunseri was Pitt laid, played and slayed? People are saying things on Twitter like, “I want my QB to have the pocket awareness of David Carr and the throwing precision of Tim Tebow. Hey look guys, I got Tino Sunseri. Tino Sunseri is so bad the coaches at Penn State wouldn’t even touch him. I would say Tino Sunseri threw the game away for Pitt, but he probably couldn’t throw it that far.” Wow, sort of brutal wouldn’t you say?

Lads and Lassies are there a few bones rattlin in Pitt’s closet as well as the closets of other folks? When Sunseri committed to Louisville in 2007 he said, “It’s a rising program, I have seen it at its worst but now they won the Big East and with Brian Brohm coming back they’re national championship contenders. Louisville is a winning powerhouse and will always be up to winning the Big East every year.” Those do not sound like the comments of a future defector, do they? Did Louisville change its mind on Sunseri or did Sunseri balk after he signed to attend the college “dahn” there in the land of “Kentucky?” Were there a few back room dealings with “shady Grady” going on complete with Grady’s Uncle “Molasses” passing out illegal Cuban cigars?

Why didn’t Pitt just allow Tino to go win a Big East championship for Louisville as opposed to screwing up Pitt’s 2010 and 2011 chances with his erratic “bi-polar” and “schizo” performances as the Panthers starting quarterback? Does alumni and money talk and credibility and integrity walk? That is for them to know and for us to find out…….Stay tuned.

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