Soulless is defined in the dictionary as a person who lacks sensitivity, compassion or feelings for others and is only concerned about themselves. If you just reflect for a moment it will occur to you that we are inundated with soulless individuals.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not approached or called by a person, who starts off a conversation with, “You know what we should do?” At the conclusion of the conversation the “we” generally winds up being something to benefit them.


How many millions of dollars have been spent in the predominately Black communities allegedly to correct the inequities that have disrupted our lives? An overwhelming number of those who have run these programs have only taken the money and have failed to create any positive changes and don’t really care as long as their salaries don’t cease. They travel across the country (sometimes out) attending seminars, workshops, conventions, etc.

There have been and are politicians that we have voted for and elected and they fail to serve not the voters but themselves and the political parties. There are those who claim to be called by God, but their entire focus is a God of materialism such as buildings, cash, automobiles, boats and airplanes. Some teachers—not educators—have given up on our children and only go to work for that almighty dollar, and you can hear them telling people that our children are lost there is no hope. The overwhelming majority of those who list themselves as colored politicians are meeting currently discussing whom they are leaning toward for the upcoming mayor’s race or U.S. Senate or congress and not one potential Black man or woman’s name ever surfaces. These are just some of those persons and categories that are soulless and there will come a time I will be naming those deemed to be soulless.

Those with souls are just the opposite; they are selfless, sensitive and demonstrate by their positive actions they have deep feelings for others.

If I were to put a list together of those deemed to have souls, it would be of astronomical length, so I’ll just list a few. You may have your own list.

A long time friend, Chris Moore of WQED, KDKA, has been the founder of the Urban Journalism Workshop for youth for 27 years.

Malik Bankston, director Kingsley Association, for 27 years has conducted the Black college tour.

William “Bill” Strickland, CEO Bidwell Cultural Center is definitely a person with a soul.

Frederick Douglas, owner of Cosmo Engineering has dedicated his career to youth potential.

Vernell Lillie, Ph.D., is the founder of Kunta Repertory Theatre.

Russell and Kathy Bynum of Bynums Marketing are two who put God and family first.

Greg Spencer, owner of Randall Industries LLC, reminds me of one of my heroes, the late Robert “Bob” Lavelle. Greg is a business man, who like Bob Lavelle placed value on God, family and believes that business must be built on integrity, honesty, and a commitment to those you deal with.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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