:10 First of all Franco Harris was right. That’s right I said it! He didn’t say he condoned what happen to the kids that were molested by Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach, nor did he say he condoned anyone that lied about it. He simply said there was a rush to judgment regarding Joe Paterno…and there was. There was no trial, we don’t really know who said what just yet. It will be brought out in court. Coach Paterno should have been allowed to finish the season. All he did was put Penn State on the map. I am just saying!!!


:09 I guess Kevin Cameron, aka “Aliquippa Kev” can talk it…but he can’t walk it. I have yet to get his so called “Better Top 10 Greatest Athletes Of All Time List.” It’s like Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until the fight starts.”

:08 You know how in every cowboy movie they shoot the horse when he breaks a leg or comes up lame? Well what about how the horse feels about that. I mean maybe he’s ok with limping around instead of being SHOT!! After all what did horses do before man came along. It could be that grazing in the grass, getting it on with the lady horses and talking horse talk with other three legged horses may not be that bad a deal! I am just saying!!

:07 A shout out to Officer/Veteran “Armon” who came over to me at Wal-Mart to say he enjoys Overtime. Armon (only the second Armon that I’ve known and a name that we will never forget) you my friend are a wise man. And you are now “In the Locker Room.” Hoo-Rah!

:06 Black people, you don’t have to go down to the camp site but you may want to get behind The Occupy Movement. They are fighting our fight. The only difference between this movement and the Civil Rights movement is the dogs and water hoses…but give them time, it’s coming. You think not? Remember this and never, never forget it…Four dead in O-HI-O!!

:05 Sooooooooo some of the women from the Pittsburgh Courier do go to events and programs. They just don’t go to The Champion Enterprises’ events and programs. WELL!

:04 After beating Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao proved once again that pound for pound he’s the second greatest fighter in the world. Huh? That’s right. I told you before and I’ll tell you again “The Pacman” can’t beat Floyd “Big Money” Mayweather. And soon you’ll find out…that fight’s coming man!! The Rayco War promotions fight card was a big success at The Club in Monroeville, sell-out crowd, great fights and yes, the ladies were there. C’mon maaannn!

:03 The Pens are playing and winning and yes without Sid “The Kid” Crosby—but don’t worry the kid returned this week! The Pirates Caravan is coming Dec. 19…yeaaa! Some guy won some car race this weekend—Tiger Woods is close but not quite there yet, he needs a few more ladies. Be patient, these things take time…anybody, anybody! Your Steelers are off this week and will beat up on the K.C. Chiefs next week. Take it to the bank. As a matter of act take all this stuff to the bank!

:02 You wanna know the best way to use your new Progressive Insurance? You know that so-and-so “Flo,” their spokeswoman? Run her sorry x over! I am sick of her and while you’re at it you can take out that damn green lizard too. Yea I said it, but you all know you’re thinking it. Don’t lie.

:01 Here’s a double dose of things for you to do…cause I know you like it like that. The Dec. 2 First Friday is right around the corner so get ready to get ready. It’s The Soul Train Oldies Par-Tay/Champions Christmas Par-Tay/and The Holiday Red Par-Tay. That’s right everybody wears red… every­body…that means you Shirley Douglas. And everybody please bring one unwrapped toy for the Toysfor Tots Christmas Party (No, City League people you don’t get a discount if you bring a toy…man!!!) And on top of that the Pittsburgh Chapter Cheney University Alumni Association is bringing their par-tay to our par-tay—$10 donation—free parking— cash bar—cash kitchen—D.J. Mean Gee and The Fabulous Diamond Models …NOW RUN TELL THAT!

Here’s all you need to know about the 36th Annual Willie “Pops” Stargell MVP Awards Banquet. Here’s who’s going to be there!!! Rich Fitzgerald—chief exec. elect, Clarence Hopson, The Hon. Jake Wheatley, Ashley Battle, Sam “The Bam” Clancy, Hop Kendricks, Chuck Sanders, Baron B.B. Flenory, Evan Frazier, J. R. Holding, Tayon Mitchell, Reggie Mitchell, Calvin Womack, Grant Jackson, Robert “Rock” Robinson and that’s just for starters—Monday December 5—LeMont Restaurant, Mt. Washington—$65 Banquet Ticket—Not Formal—Silent Action—6:30 pm Reception—7:30 Dinner—Now what else can you ask for??


:00 Hey Merrill Hodge and Chris Carter and the rest of you haters that said Tim Tebow couldn’t get the job done…Be man enough to admit you were wrong and then…shut up man!! Remember you can never measure the size of a man’s heart!

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