Just when we think that the world is full of uncaring people something happens to change your mind.


I had to put my car in the shop last week for inspection and I felt like I needed a new battery. When I dropped it off I told the mechanic to test the battery. My suspicions were right—I needed a new one. When the car was finished I picked it up and headed to the grocery store. Before I could get there the car stopped and continued to stall. I called the mechanic and they told me they would come and get me, which I thought was pretty cool. While I was waiting for them on this warm November Saturday, numerous people asked me if they could help me. One man offered me the use of his cell phone, another asked if I wanted to be pushed to the side of the road, yet another wanted to know what they could do to help. At least six people offered assistance. Not one person honked on me, gave me the finger or shouted “get out of the way.”

When the mechanics arrived, they did everything they could do to try and fix the car. They elected to take it back to the shop. One drove my car back and I rode with the other. They deducted that removing the battery without backing up the computer was the problem and I would have to wait until Monday to talk to someone at General Motors. I got on the Internet to find a fix, boy that Internet is something. I found a mechanic on line for $18 that would give me the answer to my problem. I learned all about “idle strategy and idle learn.” I called the mechanic back and told him to come to my house to help me and he did. I read the instructions and he did the work. He tried so hard. I need my car, I have pictures to take and parties to attend. I called a friend, told them my plight and they chauffeured me to the party, thank you LaMont.

Once I got there I scouted for people who lived in my area, within minutes I had lined up three rides, thank you Peggy and Cordell, Misty and Fred, and Sylvester and Rhonda.

The next morning it was back to the Internet to look for another solution. I found a new set of instructions and called AAA. They sent out a battery tech and together we tried the new instructions. It seemed like the car would run without stalling, it must be fixed. He left and I once again headed to the grocery store. As soon as I get there the car stops and would not start again. I called AAA again and this time the flat bed comes out and we decide it’s time to stop the madness and take the car to the dealer. At 7 a.m. Monday I called in the problem and I was told they can’t fix it until Wednesday. At 10:30 a.m. Monday the dealer calls and says problem is identified and will be ready at 1 p.m. The experience of a bad situation shone a bright light on the good people in the world.

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