by Chauleaqua Washington

Teen Quest Ranch is a place for fun, relaxation and a miniature vacation located in Somerset, Pa.

It sits on 140-acres of land that serves as the grounds for summer and winter camps, and a mission base for ministry teams around the world.

“Teen Quest is a place for everyone to have fun and enjoy their time,” said Travis Rusko, camp director.

Weekend retreats for youth groups and churches are also held at the ranch. But the most popular camp they hold during the fall is XDayz.

XDayz is a weekend camp that allows some of Teen Quest’s most fun and “extreme” activities. Teen Quest’s X-barn supports the theme. The X-barn consists of a skating park, archery, indoor basketball, Trampoline, rock climbing and biking.

XDayz are open to youth groups and schools. This camp has became known for the activities they present, which includes paintball, basketball (outdoor), sand volleyball, driving range, mountain boards, boating and fishing, the Tin Spur (game room and snack bar) and the X-barn.

City High’s senior class attends XDayz every year in September. “We go to Teen Quest every year so that students can get to know one another better” said Principal Richard Wertheimer.

After arriving, City High students and teachers were welcomed by Travis Rusko and his wife, Brittany. After settling into their cabins, they were welcomed into the dining hall with a comical introduction video, with Travis as the star.

“Here at Teen Quest we have three major rules; number one you must have fun. The second rule is no girls in guys’ rooms and no guys in girls’ rooms. The last and final rule is no private parties,” said Rusko.

After the introduction, lunch was served and a schedule was given for the days’ activities. Paintball, basketball and the driving range wasn’t the only fun that the students had. Some had fun doing activities while others hung out with friends and played cards or board games. “It really didn’t seem as fun as I thought it would be, but I did have fun because I was with my friends,” said Shaque Jones-Keyes.

However not all students felt this way, some had fun doing the activities provided and having fun the old fashion way. Erica Fowler said, “I had a lot of fun playing basketball and doing the other activities, but being there with my friends made it better.”

Not only do the students enjoy their time there, but their team of teachers did as well. There is always a little friendly competition; this year a big student vs. teacher kick ball game was in the works. At least 25 kids were against 9 teachers; the game ended as a win for the students.

Teen Quest is a place for anyone to visit. Upcoming events include the remaining days of XDayz.

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