:10—Mama—There goes that man again! That man is J.T. yea that’s right J.T.’s Rib Joint in the news again. Mmmaaaannnn they were dancing in the street Sunday night at the Rib Joint. J.T. bused in a rowdy bunch of Raven believers from Baltimore and the last time I looked they were having so much fun the bus was still parked there.


:09—If you have any doubt about how good “Overtime” really is just ask my man Joe Hall. He’s reading every week, and now he’s in “The Locker Room. Now run tell that!

:08—The last minute of the Pitt Cincinnati game might be the worst time management ever seen on a football field. With possession of the ball and no timeouts and a chance to tie the game and go into overtime Pitt never spiked the ball to stop the clock, ran the ball twice and threw twice…all inbounds…c’mon man!!!

:07—Speaking of football coaches…actually I wasn’t but you Langley Grads don’t know that. After all your school didn’t win a football game all season…huh? Anyway back to the coach, Coach George Webb that is, The Legendary Headmaster of recent Westinghouse Bulldog Fame. His legacy has been further imbedded in Pittsburgh folklore with the coming of the George A Webb, Sr. Learning Institute and Museum coming soon to a Homewood spot near you. A fine fundraiser was given by the Webb Family at where else…The Savoy.

:06—Speaking of the Savoy…and I really was this time, (see you Langley people catch on quick) did you know if you get a parking ticket on Penn Avenue in and around The Savoy between 5-9 p.m. the Savoy will pay the ticket. Now that’s what I am talking about. To quote the cop in the Malcolm X Movie, “That’s too much power for one Black man to have”… C’mon Chuck!

:05—Speaking of movies, this is a great time for a movie review and if there was a good movie out I’d tell you about it. Nothin but all that Halloween vampire and blood & guts stuff. You know Jason, Freddie and them. I got you next week.

:04—Not that anyone is surprised but the ladies from the Courier were all no-shows at the First Friday Par-Tay. It’s amazing how much Pamela Anderson can upset some Black Women. Get over it ladies it was only a list.

:03—Penguins…Crosby still not playing. That’s all I got! No matter, that’s all you got and you know it.

:02—Champions Calendar, coming down the stretch:

•Rev. Duane A. Darkins Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner— Sat. Nov 19. If you want to sponsor a senior or help, call us 412-628-4856.

•First Friday Par-Tay—Dec. 2—Special guest Cheyney University Pittsburgh Alumni Association, also Rayco “War” Saunders and the Pittsburgh United Rams Corvette Club—It’s the Xmas Par-Tay everyone wears Red!

•Willie Stargell MVP Awards Banquet—Mon. December 5 LeMont Restaurant, Honoring the Great Sam Clancy, European basketball star J.R. Holden, Evan Frazier, Reggie Mitchell and others— tickets going fast, only 250 seats available. Call us at 412-628-4856.

:01—Here’s the Ultimate Top (10) List…The Greatest Athletes of All Time…Any sport.

1. Muhammad Ali 2. Jim Brown 3. Wilt Chamberlain 4. Michael Jordon 5. Pele 6. Jack Nicklaus 7. Tiger Woods 8. Hank Aaron 9. Babe Ruth 10. Any Olympic Decathlon Champion

Think yours is better? You know the drill, mail it to me…I said mail it! 416 Springdale Drive, Suite 33, Pgh, PA 15235.


:00 –Get out of Penn State now!!!! More on this story next week!


:00—Our prayers and condolences go out to the family of Joe Frazier who lost his battle with liver cancer. “Smokin Joe,” you were the man that brought down “The Greatest”….That makes you “The Greatest” too!

~ Game Over ~

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