:10—Big time shout out for Fred Crawford, the “Q” Frat House and the Highland Park Tennis Club for showing everybody a great time at the Annual Steelers Game Party…you’re all in the “Overtime Locker Room” now! Steelers stomp Arizona…yeah girlfriend, your boy “Brown” was a star; you can come back!

:09—You ever notice when you go to a Soul Food restaurants you see Black folks eating, you go to a Italian restaurant you see Italians eating, you go to a French restaurant and…Ok ok, I’ve never been to a French restaurant…But anyway here’s my point…you go to a Chinese restaurant but you never see Chinese people eating…I am just saying???


:08—Once again hats off to your Pittsburgh Steelers big win in Arizona. That game was not a given. The most dangerous animal in the world is a wounded animal. The Cardinals are real wounded and could have been dangerous. Now the next three games are going to be tough and I can’t be absolute, but here’s my call…Steelers lose to New England by a little, Brady just picks our secondary apart. Steelers beat Baltimore and Cincinnati.

:07—Now listen and try to really understand only three human beings in the history of the world have hit three home runs in one World Series Game. Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and now Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals. Listen…Listen…that is huge beyond description!!!

:06—For all the 5th Avenue Archers out there and the rest of the world for that matter, David “Puffy” Kennedy is not dead as suggested a few ago on Facebook. I know this to be true because I partied with him at the Average White Band (AWB for all you old schoolers) concert last week. To quote someone famous “Sir, the rumor of my death has been greatly exaggerated” (I don’t know who, but it was somebody famous…oh shut-up City League old timers you don’t know either, you didn’t have history books ya’ll had word of mouth!)

:05—Speaking of AWB, and I was, great concert, rocked the Altar Bar in the Strip and brought the house down with “School Boy Crush” and “Person to Person” but fellas…and all you old school bands, we love ya, and we will come see ya. But please just play the hits! We didn’t come to hear the Side B stuff and we will tolerate a few new cuts. We know you have to promote the new CD but please, just the hits!!!

:04—Hey everybody the Imani Saints are at it again. This time it’s the newly installed football team under the powerful but skilled hands of Coach/A.D. Harvey Smith and assistants Quentin “Q” Johns and Jerry Lee. Out the gate for their first year 6 and 1 including a huge upset win over Shadyside of Ohio! And you wonder why they’re called the Saints? More to come on this story…stay tuned.

:03—Movie of the Week. Admittedly I am late seeing it but the wait was worthwhile…go see “Drive” while you can. I have to warn you it’s not for the faint of heart, a lot of blood, and it’s a slow start but the middle to the end make up for it. It’s a combination of Taxi Driver, Fast & Faster and Sling Blade. I give it three basketballs.

:02—Speaking of seeing kids playing volleyball and dodge ball (and if you follow me every week you know I was) never mind that. When was the last time you’ve seen any kids anywhere playing stickball??? Man that was fun stuff.

:01—Question? Has anybody seen or heard from O.J.? You people are cold…a brother makes one mistake and you give up on him just like that! C’mon mmmaaaannnn!


:00—I am telling you again “Get ready to get ready” because the biggest and best First Friday Soul Train Oldies Par-Tay ever is coming at ya Fri. Nov. 4, that’s in two weeks people, c’mon. Now here’s why: #1. The Light Heavyweight Champion of the World Rayco Saunders will be there to promo his upcoming fight card on Thurs. Nov. 17; #2. Alia’s mom, Janice Carter Williams is having her retirement party there. If you know Alia’s mom, call them about it, or call The Champions 412-628-4856; and #3. The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club will be in the house and they’re introducing the Soul Train Line Dance to the Par-Tay and from now on we will end the Par-Tay with it.

~ Game Over ~

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