Sometimes you need a good laugh, especially after you hear about people lost in a corn maze.


I didn’t know what a corn maze was until this family got lost in one recently with their 3-week-old baby. Who does that? Why do people take their babies out so soon after birth these days?

Back to the corn maze, luckily these people had their cell phone with them and they called for help. Come to find out they were only 25 feet from the end of the maze and the people running the maze came to their rescue.

Not long after that story I started hearing about all of these corn mazes that you could visit, I even saw a billboard about one and I asked some co-workers (day job) about it and they were surprised that I had never been to a corn maze. I told them that they did not have them in my community.

Maybe I might enjoy a corn maze better than a haunted house. I decided a few years ago that I no longer want to pay to be scared. Hmm, do I really want to pay to be lost?

I’m wondering if Sinbad heard about this family in the corn maze? I’m sure he didn’t because he would have included it in his routine. He was in Pittsburgh recently and I had a ball. He was laugh out loud funny and he looked good as well. He appeared at the Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead and there was a great turn out. I like this venue, it is in a part of Homestead that I don’t often visit but when I do I really like it. There are big stately homes and beautiful new homes and a new senior building. It is worth a look. Even though the venue was cool the seats could use some padding, I was tempted to fold up my coat and sit on it but it was so cold in there that I had to keep the coat on.

When you think about hard seats think those hard auditorium seats from grade school, the ones that would crack and snag your stockings. These seats are not designed to sit in for a long time and Sinbad went way long. Where was that red light letting him know his set was over? He went on and on talking to people in the audience trying to solve their problems. He should have a lot of experience at that since he has been through a world of issues, not to mention that horrible reality show.

In 2009, Sinbad was placed in the top 10 of the 250 worst tax debtors for the state of California. The comedian owed the State $2.5 million in personal income tax. On Dec. 11, 2009, Sinbad filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. On Feb. 5, 2010, it was reported that Sinbad put up his 2.5-acre hilltop home for sale in order to alleviate his tax burdens. I was sorry to hear that he has been working as professional funny man for a long time and it seems like he has made a lot of money, why wouldn’t he pay his taxes? Who gives out the bad money advice to these entertainers? Where in America can you work and not pay taxes?

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