:10—Yo, Johnny’s Bar and Grill…“you stab-um and we’ll slab-um”…Johnny speaking. Who?…Rashard who? Oh Mendenhall, yeah what’s up? Man, I can’t say that I’ve got ladies in here, but I’ll clean it up and give-um the message…Hey everybody Rashard Mendenhall said, “how ya like me now…shut up and kiss his xxxx and something about Bin Laden but I couldn’t understand it!!!”


:09—As you might have guessed I caught a lot of heat for not doing a top ten finest men list…and I ain’t gonna…but I’ll tell you ladies what you can do (Ashley) if you feel that strongly about it mail me your list (no I said mail not e-mail, I am old school) and I’ll put the best list in the paper, and with your name if you want. I’ll make you a star…or shut up about it!!! Yeah I said it!

:08—In the locker room this week, the brothers from the Urban League Charter School in East Liberty are reading “Overtime” when they’re not doing overtime with the kids.

:07—Speaking of the Charter School…and I was, a shout out to Ms. Carter and all the teachers, supervisors and volunteers that brought those fantastic young men from the school out to the special edition of the Kenny Durrett All-Starr Basketball Clinic. Thirty great tough grade schoolers took all we could dish out and didn’t miss a beat. Thanks for coming guys. We love ya and we’re proud of ya!!

:06—Mike Wallace the speed demon receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers has two speeds…fast… and fast as he needs to be!

:05—Hey this is no joke and I am going to say it as quick and painless as possible. All you Westinghouse alumni… all you Bulldogs…either stand up or shut up. Everybody crying about what “they’re” doing to your school, your history, your legacy. But nobody wants to show up and do anything about it, just like you Schenley alumni did! Funny though, when it’s time for the Schenley and Westinghouse Reunion Party at the Coliseum ya’ll show up 2,000 plus every year c’mon mmmaaannnon and wwwwooomann!!!

:04—I guess you know Christmas will be here in a minute…70 days as a matter of fact. I am not allowed to solicit in the paper…but if anyone wants to donate to our Toys for Champions aka; Toys for Tots Christmas Party and Toy Give Away please call the Champions office Mon-Sat, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. at 412-628-4856. We will provide for more than 500 disadvantaged area boys and girls. We’re in need of toys, winter clothing, canned goods and cash donations.

:03—Hey, the Movie of the Week is “Money Ball” starring Brad Pitt. Good sports movie, true story. I give 2-1/2 basketballs.

:02—Here they go again, they put Redman on the bench again. Use them both man! I am just saying.

:01—Calendar update for you Penn Hills people. Since you can’t win a football game maybe you can come out to an event (sorry but I promised the City League guys I would get on you.) First Friday is coming at ya Nov. 4, at The Club in Monroeville. The crowd is 150 plus and growing every month—Rayco “War” Saunders Production’s next Fight Card is coming to the South Side Nov 14. It’s the best show in town—And I am telling ya now so get ready to get ready for The Champions December First Friday Holiday Christmas “Red Party” at the Club in Monroeville Dec. 2 and you have to wear red. It was a big hit last year—Mark your calendars for the Willie Stargell Pgh MVP Awards, The “Nite of the Champions”, honoring J.R. Holden, Reggie Mitchell, the Shadyside Academy phenom, Clinton Davis and others Mon. Dec. 5 at LeMont Restaurant, Mt. Washingon.


:00 A big ruff, ruff to John Brewer and his crew for representing the Bulldogs and taking the name back.

~ Game Over ~

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