Each year the NBPA has a job fair. On Aug. 1, 2012, we will host a job fair at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, all day long. This year we had over 20 offices interviewing law students and laterals. Perhaps Mr. Zappala will take the time, and show up, and interviewed some of the 200+ attorneys and law students interested in prosecution.

The National District Attorneys Association NBPA’s president has a position on their board. Our executive board members have lived in Philadelphia!

For Pittsburgh not to have more Black prosecutors is a disgrace, and it isn’t because they can’t find any. Why has Philadelphia had so many for years?

Don’t believe the hype because it is b.s.

Prosecutors do the job because we get our rewards by helping our communities, not for political office or the money. I have been a Black prosecutor for 21 years!

Mr. Zappala, come to the NBPA Conference in New Orleans, and hire some Black prosecutors!

Carmen Lineberger
NBPA Immediate Past President

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