Have you noticed that people are much ruder now than before? Some days I just can’t get over it. People seem so self-absorbed. One of the things that I notice most is people are so caught up on their cell phones. Recently I watched a group of young ladies, and I use this term loosely, walking in the middle of a public walk way. They were totally unaware of the people around them, the ones they were walking into, bumping into and stepping on. They were so busy texting and talking they didn’t see what was in front of them.


Isn’t there an unwritten rule that you should stay to one side of the street or the other? The same rule applies to stairs. You go up the right and come down the left, not the middle. Please don’t stand in the middle of the stairs holding a conversation when people are trying to come up and down. Move—get out the way.

Those same rude people love to ride elevators. When you get in the elevator, move to the back and make room for others. The rude crew stands in the front or the middle of the elevator and acts like it is going to hurt them to move to the back or the side. Some even try to intimidate those trying to get on by looking up at the floor numbers and pretending like they don’t see you trying to get in.

How about those people walking against the light? I guess they are jaywalkers. When the vehicle has the green light the pedestrian should stay on the sidewalk. I am seeing people taking their life into their hands by jumping off of the sidewalk when they clearly do not have the right away. It seems like these people want to challenge you to make you stop or maybe they have a death wish and want to be ran over. This is particularly bad during rush hour in Downtown Pittsburgh. In the suburbs where there are no sidewalks people also walk into the path of cars with an “I dare you” attitude. I surely don’t want to run anyone over but you almost want to teach someone a lesson.

Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sometimes don’t you wish you drove a tank or had a big claw on the front of your car? You need something to deal with the rude drivers on the road, the ones on the cell phone texting, talking and leaning way back and the ones who don’t use a signal when they merge in front of you, the ones who toss trash out of their windows and those slow people who are in the fast lane.

I don’t know if this falls into being rude, but it sure drives me crazy, those people who don’t leave an out of office message on their voice mail. Yep, I’m talking about the people who are out of their office for a week and you are waiting for a call back. Just do the right thing is all I ask. Treat others the way you want to be treated, the golden rule still rocks in my book and a random act of kindness every now and then is a real nice touch.

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